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numberfour Well-Known Member. DOUGHLATO -Dolato 41 x Moonbow 75 NEW!! Archive Seed Bank seeds - creator of Dosidos / Moonbow / Face Off OG strains - are bred by Tha Docta. Add to cart. Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene and Linalool dominate the terp profile giving it a sweet and sour, dank and fruity flavor. Bred by Archive Seed Bank, Moonbow is a cross of Zkittlez and Do-Si-Dos. Reactions: AlienAthena and Lightgreen2k. Puro Loco Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Archive Seedbank Puro Loco Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a new strain by Archive Seedbank, created to be a powerhouse strain. There is 6 Female Cannabis Seeds in every pack with flowering times ranging from 60-70 Days. A creamy cross of Zkittlez x Dosidos #75 bred and selected by Archive Seed Bank and cultivated by your favorite Aliens. ARCHIVE SEED BANK ARCHIVE SEED BANK – Double Cross *NEW* (12 REG) Moonbow #73 x Face Off $ 200.00. 99,17 € Light Speed from Archive Seedbank is (Lemon Peel/1* x Dosidos) crossed with the Moonbow #75. GINGER TEA-(Pure Thai x Face Off) x Moonbow 75 NEW!! Planet Purple from Archive Seedbank is Sherbidos crossed with the Moonbow #75. $ 120.00 Read more. Oct 9, 2020 Add to cart. This strain was created by crossing the original Papaya strain with the Moonbow #75 geins. Just lethal. The result combines the flavorful euphoria of Zkittles with the physical relaxation of Do-Si-Dos for a focused, creative, and social effect. The 112th phenotype of the Moonbow family boasts a kushy, dank, zkittlez aroma that lingers on the palette. Moonbow is a unique cross of the ever popular Zkittles and Do-Si-Dos. Moonbow is a hybrid cannabis strain. $ 100.00 Add to cart. G This collaboration is like if Aliens & Predators could learn to coexist. Light Speed. Archive Seeds. Selected for the best traits of both, flavor and power, we feel like this is one of the most unique strains on the recreational market. Out of stock. The Reversed pollen Donor, the MoonBow #75, is a whole other level of nuclear level exotic POWER. Combined, there’s enough genetic potential here to fuel your cultivation spaceship to Light Speed. Quick View. Moonbow is a fragrant hybrid that sends consumers over the stars with its delightful fruity aroma and sweet candy taste. Brand Archive Seedbank Pack Size 6 Seeds Per Pack Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Time 8-11 Weeks Genetics Hybrid Lineage Pure Thai x Face Off x Moonbow #75 Yield Medium to High Seed … Add to Wishlist. Launched in 2006, the ground-breaking seed bank Archive Seeds have been working to consitently to create the the best, most potent cannabis seed strains, including heirloom and verified original cannabis clones and marijuana seed lines. ... Archive Seeds Promo. Bred by Archive Seed Bank, Lemoncane is a potent and flavorful cross of Lemon Peel and Do-Si-Dos. (Dub Bub, Slurricane F1 Reversal or Puro Loco) AK Bean Brains Promo. ... Quick View. Archive Seed Bank crossed Zkittlez with a Do-Si-Dos phenotype to create Moonbow. Formula One from Archive Seed Bank is Secret Formula #9 crossed with the Face Off BX. Archive Seed Bank. Archive Seeds created original Dosido - Do Si Do - Moon Bow - Face-Off OG strains. ARCHIVE SEED BANK ARCHIVE SEED BANK – Burnt Orange *NEW* (12 REG) Orange Velvet BX1 x Dosidos $ 150.00. 6 free feminized seeds with every pack. RESTOCK AUGUST 1ST 2020. Archive Seed Bank.

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