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Since this is a Class 3 speed pedelec, capable of reaching ~28mph, it’s too bad they didn’t opt for an 11 to 32 tooth or wider cassette and use a larger chainring so you could actually keep up pedaling at higher speeds. This bike is heavy. The CHEETAH comes equipped with both Throttle-control and a Smooth-Mellow Pedal-Assist - it is a Class 3 - 28 MPH eBike so check your local laws. I’m thinking about the Cheetah and would love to get black with a red tank. I use a .75 inch Master Lock cable. Honestly, I’m not sure how important pedaling is on this ebike, it rides well as a throttle operated scooter… and technically, it violates the Class 2 and Class 3 legislation because the throttle is functional above 20mph. Well look no further, the Revi Bikes Cheetah provides the style you are looking for while being packed with power from just a turn of throttle. The battery fits inside the gas tank inspired top tube box, and is not meant to … The bike is expensive. Civi bikes best selling electric bike is the Civi Bikes Cheetah electric cruiser. If you hold the minus key, this ebike does have walk mode, and if you hold the set key, you can get to a settings and advanced settings menu. Great value for what you get. You click the toggle switch to on and then hold the power button on the control pad for a couple of seconds. In 2017, an office and warehouse were setup in Southern California and started CIVI BIKES… Predator - In stock. All in all, the control systems are above average in some ways but less functional than they could be in others. Rebel 1.0 - In stock. Can someone sell me just the cheetah fatbike fame and ship to Canada? The improvements that need to be made on this bike are as follows: Overall I like the bike. I am also looking at a dirt bike assembly as an option. That’s great feedback, Rick.,, The twist throttle is active at zero and overrides each of the five pedal assist levels, considering the heavy build of this product and less efficient knobby tires, it’s nice to have help getting started, The 750 watt geared motor and 48 volt battery system really kicks, the bike was able to move Sam with ease, and he weighs 200+ lbs, it’s neat that the frame is rated up to 33lbs while most other ebikes are just rated for 200lbs or 250lbs but do keep an eye on the spokes if you’re a heavier rider, so they don’t loosen up, Very cool styling, everything from the gas tank inspired battery casing to the large steel headlight and elongated fork resemble a motorcycle and the big tires feel proportional, consider swapping to slick fat tires to make the bike smoother and more efficient (the size is 26″ x 4″), It’s great that they upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes vs. mechanical because they are more consistent and won’t stretch out over time, you need the extra stopping power with such a heavy and powerful e-bike, Even though this frame only comes in high-step, the minimum saddle height is fairly low and approachable because the seat tube is angled way back, I love longer handlebars that sweep back to meet you, so you can sit upright and comfortable, Padded grips, an oversized saddle with springs, high-volume fat tires, and the longer handlebar all contribute to reduced vibration and make this a comfy ride… even without suspension, consider a, The kickstand is mounted near the center of the bike, which is probably good considering the length and weight of the frame, but far back enough that the pedal won’t lock if you back it up or pedal backwards (to work on the drivetrain), I like that it offers adjustable length, Great choice of pedals here, these things are oversized, extra stiff, provide great traction, and look nice, The display panel is large, bright, and easy to read and interpret in color vs. many others which are black and white grayscale, I like that it has a day/night mode if you hold the + button for a few seconds, In low-beam mode, the headlight has this cool blue circle that is really attention grabbing, it’s cool that the light is wired-in to run off of the main battery, can be aimed a bit, and has low and high beam, The lower crown of the fork has this big metal pin built into it that stops the handlebars and fork from turning all the way to the right or left, which would scratch or ding the frame… great attention to detail with that, Weighing in at nearly 76lbs, this ebike is heavier than average, they could reduce some of the weight and possibly improve comfort by punching out the rims, This ebike only comes in one frame size, but it’s neat that they offer three color combinations, only the black and brown have the faux leather cover on the battery… the rest are just painted, The extra-long chain can bounce around when you’re pedaling with a high gear and I didn’t see a slap guard, I could hear the chain bounce up into the steel chain cover when going off curbs and this could create scratches that might eventually rust, consider using some clear box tape on the right chain stay to protect it without detracting from the nice aesthetic of the bike frame color, The drivetrain is one step above base level on the Shimano product line and only offers 13 to 28 tooth spread vs. 11 to 32 or higher and that means you can’t climb as easily or pedal as comfortably at high speed, considering the higher top speed potential of the bike and heavier build, it would be nice to have a Shimano Deore with wider cassette, I’m not a big fan of the oversized Shimano SIS indexed thumb shifter used here, it requires more reaching and hand/finger effort to shift, but they probably chose it to make room for the half-grip twist throttle housing, and at least it works well with gloves because the buttons are so large and spread out, The display is nice, but it would be cool if it could swivel a bit more, be removable, or have a USB port built-in to charge phones, additional lights, or, Minor complaint, I love the headlight and wish that the bike also came with a backlight that was also wired in, I would definitely wear a light on my backpack, helmet, or use a, Even with a nicer sealed 12-magnet cadence sensor like this, pedal assist still lags a bit when starting and stopping and isn’t as smooth or natural as a torque sensor or multi-sensor, I’m glad that the brake levers have motor inhibitor switches built in, It’s great to have battery size choices, especially given the high power use of the larger motor and heavier ebike, but the 2-amp charger is going to take longer to fill than if they had opted for a 3 or 4 amp, Minor complaint, I didn’t see anywhere to mount a water bottle or accessory on the seat tube or downtube, consider an. If you like to travel in style, fast and wild like its namesake, then the Cheetah … I watched the video when I was looking to buy the Cheetah. Same company, same bikes, new name. Revi Bikes Cheetah Electric Cruiser Bike (Formerly Civi Bikes) Are you looking for an e-bike that provides power, speed and style? Known Issues & Problems with CIVI BIKES Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes. It’s rare to see ebikes with such large custom headlights, and the low beam has this cool blue LED circle outline that really sets the bike off. The bikes are all fat tire style and priced in the value range. To run the forums, host the website, and travel, I charge a universal service fee for my reviews. I am not a bike repairman but nothing I have tried would tighten the chain. Or come into our awesome shop! I was wondering about that light icon. Strange that they don’t offer all of the colors for the bags as they have for the bags. The Revi Bikes Cheetah … How did you do it? 28 MPH Fat tire bike … I’d recommend turning it off when parking at racks to deter tampering and also when storing long term to reduce phantom power draw which could take the pack to zero and damage the cells. Hi Mike! The maximum weight rating is 330lbs and I noticed that the wheels were spoked in with thicker 13 and 12 gauge spokes. The Ruffian is a similar styled, but definitely higher end, has a mid drive, and incredibly styled steel tank, but its price is also twice that of this Cheetah. I’ve heard good things about Hollywood Racks. Affordably priced and 95% complete our ebikes are the easiest to assemble. There is a slight delay before the bike starts on it path. This is my first CIVI BIKES review, but I met the team during Interbike 2018 in Reno, Nevada and was impressed with their lineup. Susana Cristóbal 3 enero, 2019. With its beautifully integrated and powerful battery and motor, this e-bike is a joy to ride. I was satisfied with the larger 180mm hydraulic disc brakes and enjoyed the longer handlebars, padded grips, and oversized sprung saddle when we encountered some broken sections of road. PROPER BATTERY CARE INFO PROVIDED TO YOU:  Only at the Electric Bike Shop Online! It’s a minor complaint or consideration. TIPS AND GUIDELINES PROVIDED TO YOU: Only at the Electric Bike Shop Online! Inspired by a retro motorcycle design, the CIVI Bikes (Now REVI Bikes) Cheetah - The Cafe Racer is perfect for people who want a blend between a motorcycle and an e-bike! Indeed locking seat and wheels would be a good idea. $1,399.00. Do a gloss black, with the leather, or deep red with the leather, and you’d have a pretty interesting ride for the fun of it. CAFE RACER - can take you just about anywhere - AND YOU WILL LOOK REALLY GOOD DOING IT. Walking the bike around the fallen tree kept the bike balanced and me out of the water. The colors don’t actually communicate anything on this display, just make it look a little nicer. Add a rear rack, some Harley styled panniers, and you could start your own local riding e-cycle club. The bike shop I bought the bike from turned me onto this. (Leather Saddle bag is an $ 150 option) Inspired by the 1960s Cafe Racer motorcycles, the Civi bikes Cheetah is a powerful, stylish electric cruiser bike. Powering the bike is one of two battery options, both rated at 48 volts. Krafty Bikes in Canada outfitted my bike with the light cover, bike rack, saddle bags and fenders as part of the package. I just want to buy the frame, I have all my own parts. I wish there was some modification to allow for this or I wish they sold a rack to fit it. This thing was clearly motorcycle inspired! Since the bike is longer and heavier than average, you might end up storing it outside or in a garage… and that could lead to extreme temperatures for the battery, which will degrade the cells faster. Certainly reasonable comments. This bike attracts a lot of attention and positive comments. Rated at 80lbs per bike. Sounds like alcohol is the go to product for addressing noisy brakes. I feel this bike has great value and is fun and comfortable to ride. Sporting a vintage-style this bike is packed with tons of different of capabilities you might just forget about any other bikes … Learn how your comment data is processed. For those who weigh a bit more, expect to use the throttle a lot, or simply want to go further, the company offers an 840wh pack for just $300 more. Civia Cycles – bikes for exploring your city. Hi Rick, thanks for sharing. I personally would trade the color display for a grayscale to save cost and get other features like removability or built-in USB charging. Rear Pannier For CIVI Cheetah - The Cafe Racer $129.00. A motorcycle inspired fat tire electric bike with powerful 750 watt geared hub motor from Bafang, unique battery integration designed to look like a gas tank, two battery size options, High-volume tires provide comfort and stability, padded grips, oversized sprung saddle, and swept back handlebar deliver comfort and an upright body position, this bike can handle taller riders, With a maximum allowable weight of 330lbs (150kb) this is a great electric bike for big people, integrated headlight has high and low beam, beautiful paint matched steel chain cover, three color options, Only available in one frame size, basic 7-speed drivetrain with somewhat limited 13 to 38 tooth cassette means there aren't as many options for climbing or pedaling at high speed, I experienced some delay with the 12-magnet cadence sensor but the twist throttle is smooth and both brake levers have motor inhibitors, Throttle on Demand (Class 2), Speed Pedelec (Class 3), Moped or Motorcycle (Class 4), 1.75” Seat Tube, 25.25” Reach, 27.25” Stand Over Height, 34” Minimum Saddle Height, 30.25” Width, 83” Length, Midnight Black with Brown Accents, Classic Blue with Black Accents, Platinum Gray with Red Accents, Rigid Steel, Stretched Style, 135mm Hub Spacing, 10mm Threaded Axle with Nuts, 170mm Hub Spacing, 12mm Threaded Axle with Nuts, Speed 1x7 Shimano Altus Derailleur, SunRace Cassette 13-28 Tooth, Prowheel, Alloy, 170mm Length, 44 Tooth Steel Chainring, Threadless Internal Cups, Straight 1-1/8”, Double Crown Direct Mount, Alloy, Turn Stopper Pin, Alloy, Flat, 25.4mm Diameter, 720mm Length, Tektro Hydraulic Disc with 180mm Rotors, Four-Finger Levers with Motor Inhibitors, Flat, Padded, Faux Leather with Stitching, CHIFA, Oversized Comfort, Faux Leather, Springs, Alloy, Double Wall, 35mm Outer Width, 36 Hole, Black, Stainless Steel, 13 Gauge Front, 12 Gauge Rear, Black with Silver Nipples, 8-inch Classically Styled Headlight (Steel Casing and Mount, Low and High Beam), Adjustable Length Kickstand at Center, Paint-Matched Steel Chain Cover, Non-Locking Frame-Integrated Battery Pack, 1.5 lb 2 Amp Charger, 330lb Maximum Weight Capacity, 5'4" to 6'3" Recommended Rider Height Range, Speed, Odometer, Battery Charge Level (5 Bars), Trip Meter, Assist Level (0-5), Independent Control Pad, Buttons: Plus, Minus, Set, Power, (Hold + for Night Mode / Day Mode, Hod Set for Settings: Trip Clear, Brightness, Speed Limit, Wheel Size, Units, Battery, Advanced Settings, Information, Save & Exit), Independent Headlight Toggle Switch (Low, High), Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Twist Throttle, CUSTOMIZED REVI BIKES CHEETAH VINTAGE CAFE RACER PHOTOS. Civi Bikes offers the best electric bikes. They don’t have predrilled holes for water bottle. Description CIVI BIKES 750W Cheetah – The Cafe Racer Fat Tire Electric Bike. This very popular, awesome folding eBike was the first electric bike … The CHEETAH Cafe Racer Fat Tire Electric Bike by CIVI BIKES is a Very Sleek, Very BADA$$, Full-Size Fat-Tire Electric Bicycle. From here, the display panel boots up in backlit color and a few standard readouts are shown. Seeing Sam do the same was confidence inspiring, and he was also able to stop quick. The speedometer and odometer will be off when set to 26. I’m glad that overall, you like the bike. Options should include chrome forks, chrome handle bars, nicer pedals, matching fenders, bottle cage bosses, rear rack with LED embedded tail lights. Yes it’s cool but cool isn’t worthy of $2,399 I paid. Introducing the Rebel Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike By Civi Bikes. The larger more tubular frame is also appealing, and it is nice to see some different styling down in this price range. From standstill, I had no problem taking off and reaching the higher speeds quickly. I welcome your feedback and testimonials about the company or this specific bike in the comments below and invite you to connect in the CIVI BIKES forums as well. Civi Bikes has changed their name to REVI Bikes. I was able to “walk” around a fallen tree recently. Does the Cheetah need Suspension Front Forks? With the 48 V 750 Watt motor you'll ride in style for miles. Remember to hang on! :) See you there! That’s a huge corner to cut. We offer the largest selection of Gas Bicycles, Bike Engine Kits, Gas Bikes, Bicycle Motors Accessories and High Performance Parts to make you Motor Bicycle that fastest on the block. I am very happy with my Cheeta / Cafe Racer. Inspired by the 1960s Café Racer motorcycles, the Revi Bikes(formerly Civi Bikes) Cheetah is a powerful and elegant electric cruiser bike.. I haven’t tested the Ruffian yet, but it looks pretty unique ;). CIVI Bikes (REVI Bikes) Cheetah - The Cafe Racer Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike from $2,399.00. Note that the brake levers appear to be reversed here, much like a real motorcycle, so the right brake goes to the front wheel vs. the rear on most other electric bicycles I’ve reviewed. Hmm, that’s a bummer. Civi Bikes sells electric bikes at manufacturer direct prices and sell tens of thousands of ebikes annually all over the world. It’s unfortunate. With it's 26 x 4.0 Extra Wide High Volume Fat Tires, Powerful 750 watt Geared Hub Motor from Bafang and a Max Capacity of 330 lbs., the CHEETAH - CAFE RACER - can take you just about anywhere - AND YOU WILL LOOK REALLY GOOD DOING IT. My favorite utilitarian ebike is the radpower radwagon, which you can only order from and their prices are locked as you can only buy direct. The CIVI BIKES Cheetah really pulls off the motorcycle appearance because its battery housing is specifically designed to imitate a motorcycle … This really seems like more of an on-road ebike, but they went for cheaper Chaoyang tires that can handle a variety of terrain with the knobs. Operating the bike is a two-step process, once the battery has been charged up. Thanks for the reply. It … Cafe Racer electric bike Cheetah delivers comfort and riding pleasure beyond expectations. I’ve listed it as possible Class 2, 3, and 4 because the display has settings that allow you to adjust the max speed and it’s possible to unplug the throttle. $2,399. I feel all bikes over $2,000 should supply this, but manufacturers always cut corners for some reason. Michael Blast has the Best Best Vintage Electric Bikes in the world! As explained in the video I am glad to know the reversed brake levers was done for a reason, to match motorcycle configurations. Make Way for a Better Ride Meet the New Parkway Ebike. Lately I haven’t been feeling that well but I’m still trying to get over to the store in October to buy myself a new electric bike. The faux leather gas tank cover is nice. Hey coffee! $1,499.00. Starting and stopping support are especially important when pedaling options are limited, but the large sturdy alloy pedals felt solid under foot. I’m pretty sure it’s the one I have been considering. I found that out after watching the video and chasing the bike and charger around my garage. Clearly the Cheetah is a very unique standout product in the ever widening electric bike field. Assist level is listed on the left side and power level on the right… but performance didn’t appear to change when we cycled through different power options. After riding my fully outfitted bike for the past six weeks I have a few observations. With it's inspiration from a Vintage Motorcycle, this baby has a unique battery in the frame designed to look like a gas tank, and comes with two battery size options; big (13AH) and bigger (17.5AH). Big problem on an otherwise great bike. It should be reliable and seems well supported by thicker 12 gauge spokes. Great to hear from you, thanks for checking in with a comment here and sharing your excitement for the Cheetah! REAL SHOP. I’ve estimated the peak torque output to be around 80 newton meters, but it could be higher. In a world where companies like Rad Power Bikes have gained mass appeal, it’s cool to have different styles to choose from. Bikeberry is the Motorized Bike superstore! The Cheetah is my favorite cruising ebike with the best styling on the market in my opinion. Check out this Motorcycle Styled bike, want some looks while riding, you'll get some with this bike. To maximize life, it’s best to store this sort of battery in a cool dry location and maintain between 20% and 80% at all times, checking in monthly if you haven’t taken it for a ride. The gearing range is somewhat limited with a 13 to 28 tooth cassette and basic Shimano Altus derailleur. That is why I bought it. Hey Bruce! VINTAGE - Civibikes Cheetah electric bicycle, the vintage style design with standard LED headlight make it looks like a café racer bike … I feel for the price they should have included the fenders, light cover and rack. I’m trying to build my dream bike I can’t afford to buy the cheetah fat bike I’m trying to build it I need the frame and forks I love this bike best looking one. God bless :). Order your CIVIBIKES CHEETAH FAT TIRE E-BIKE today! In my experience riding, the frame felt balanced and my legs and knees didn’t make contact with the battery box or handlebars, but the larger saddle and feet-forward position wasn’t as efficient to actually pedal. It’s an awesome product, I hope things work out for you and that you feel better soon. It’s not really for pedaling without power because it’s a beast. Even this very unique model, the Cheetah, seems like a good deal at $2.3k if you opt for the default 624 watt hour battery size. Good detail around the computer settings. Sweet, thanks for the update! You can opt for the default pack, which offers 13 amp hours, or pay a bit more for the 17.5 amp hour pack to go further. Given the fat tire setup here, with 5 to 30 PSI range, I could see myself going off-road and through some softer terrain after lowering the pressure. To activate this, CIVI BIKES has mounted a second control switch in front of the main control pad, with high and low beam settings. In those cases, I’d really be thankful for the throttle to help get started and balanced. A powerful stout short tail cargo electric bike with mechanical disc brakes, 7-speed drivetrain, 500 watt hub-drive, and high-capacity 48v 14ah battery pack for longer range. Your email address will not be published. I feel like more of the display real estate could have been used and been easier to read with larger numbers and text. CIVI BIKES advertises the cells as being lithium-ion made by Samsung, which is fairly common for electric bikes these days. Do you recall the model of the rack you ordered? Ariel Rider tried this look with plastic tanks, and it just doesn’t cut it in person. The CIVI BIKES Cheetah ebike is designed to look just like a retro motorcycle cruiser and it has massive power to match its unique looks! Feature by feature this bike compares to a similarly equipped Pedego for $1500 less. Offering electric mountain bikes, electric cruiser bikes, electric city bikes and electric folding bikes. The CHEETAH by CIVI BIKES is perfect for urban living and touring through the countryside! The bike rack I am waiting on is made by Hollywood Bike Racks model RV. Ebikes can be so much more fun than any pick up, or SUV. Given the higher but near-center position of the battery, you’re getting decent weight distribution, but not as good as low and center. It is one of the coolest looking e-bikes … There’s good adjustability on the seat post height and the bars can tip up as well. WE HAVE AFTER-SERVICE CENTER IN CALIFORNIA AND OWN FACTORY IN CHINA. Only available in one frame size but the telescoping stem and seat post offer some…... A powerful fat tire electric trail bike with adjustable spring suspension fork offering 120mm travel, rack and fender bosses, upgraded Selle Royal saddle, padded grips, and rubberized brake levers add comfort. Number 1 complaint is they don’t have any theft protection on this bike. I’m so thankful for you and brother Sam and sister Kanika and Myron the little cat. I’d love to see the addition of an integrated rear light and maybe a seatpost suspension upgrade. Cheetah Gel Seat and Mirrors Update and Reviews. Still getting some exercise too. CIVI BIKES has chosen a sealed 12-magnet sensor for their products that is durable and fairly quick, but I’m so happy to sea that the brake levers have motor inhibitor switches as a safety backup. They should use locking pins in the tires, seat display and the front light. The CHEETAH by CIVI BIKES is perfect for urban living and touring through the countryside! Only at the Electric Bike Shop Online. This thing is very unique, pretty well specced, and tons of fun to ride. CIVI BIKES advertises the cells as being lithium-ion made by Samsung, which is fairly common for electric bikes these days. The Civi Bikes Cheetah fat tire electric bike is an incredibly comfortable and stylish cruiser style electric bike with plenty of power and range for those extended rides through the city.

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