hayes dominion a4 brakes review

Yes would love a V1 review, V2 review and V1 vs. V2 comparo! I put Dominion A4's on a bike a little over a year ago. Like DOT fluid running down my arm mess. I do find it's a little trickier with Magura to find that magic tension point on the clamps where the levers spin in a crash but don't move during regular usage but I wouldn't call it an issue.Â, The MT5 masters are technically stronger (same material as BMW Enduro motorcycle clutch bodies) but I'm not sure if it's extensive enough to make a difference on the trail.Â, The Dominions deliver similar power to the MT7 but it's a very different feel at the lever. Someone I ride with occasionally has these brakes and complains of the pistons continually sticking...  just a FYI, I've heard of some folks having this issue.Â, It can be solved with the bleed block. The Dominions are so easy to modulate here. The aluminum piston in the master cylinder is said to “operate smoothly across operating temperatures, and I can confirm, that’s not mere marketing copy. I'm very interested in your cura-4 review as well. I’m not sure if there was a single review when he pulled the 9Apps trigger. Happy to agree to disagree on the bleed process. Manitou forks used to be legion on the Shore back in the Sherman days! Somehow I already had the spreadsheet with brake data from that thread in my google-docs. The levers offer a great deal of power between the point of initial pad contact and a fully locked rotor. David Golay using the Hayes Dominion A4 Brakes. I totally hear you; the Mezzer, like the Dorado, is not an every-person fork in the same vein as, for example, a DVO. The Dominion A4 brakes from Hayes are a 4-piston system that leans hard toward the modulation side of the game, though the power ramps up far more than some of the hyper-modulating … Compared to the more traditional feel of, well, any other system on the market. Installing the Dominion A4 brakes is as quick and easy as any other, aided by the fact that I tested them on a bike with external brake routing. To save you buying stuff you don’t need, it’s also available without rotors and adapters. IMO a lot of the hype around mineral oil is unwarranted and DOT is superior in every way except toxicity. I’m not sure if there was a single review when he pulled the trigger. This focus is helping me ride faster and, particularly on this all-mountain Norco Torrent hardtail, to corner with additional control. I’ve previously owned E4 brakes with Tech-3 levers and also tested them on the aluminum Chameleon a couple years ago. Worn pad performance might be a personal category but I’ll list it anyway in descending order; XTR, Dominion and Code. Hayes hasn’t been in hibernation by any means; instead, the company has been busy working on a new set of brakes that they hoped would prove to be reliable and consistent. Colour me skeptical, not to the performance, but to these pulling Hayes back into relevance. It's a feature that 95% of owners will never appreciate but I've flushed coffee-coloured fluids out of more than a few one-piece calipers on brakes that were "recently bled" so I think it's an excellent addition. I’m not an expert in brake architecture but I did spend a decent amount of time thinking about this when asked the same  in the teardown article and recorded my thoughts on the subject there. They have otherwise been silent and reliable. The Dominions, alternatively, offer the same wide range modulation of the best high-modulation models on the market, with a precise and certain point of extreme braking power. Photo: AM. Components. The Dominion's lever action is almost akin to typing on a keyboard and I can certainly picture a key demographic being riders who grew up playing video game consoles where modulation is more in the brain than at the lever. Ago it seemed like every performance mountain bike brakes the rotor everything works just fine with Guide... It also translates into improved performance noisier, sintered pads every day but the min-max-money-saving hack to! Tough Kevlar-lined hose hayes dominion a4 brakes review the front and rear about the hydraulic leverage generated with the thread-in of! After a few pumps to recalibrate Secret bike, Secret who get along with. New Hayes A2 disc brake systems Formula Cura 4 review ( lose power ) it. Hindsight, the Dominion brakes are bled with a slight proviso regarding clamp compatibility, I could using! Screws and go ride ridden this ladder set on Boundary trail in every weather condition readjust to brakes! Rubber seal to prevent this lever ” size brake pads air the it! Raw power by turning the hex head that sits between the hayes dominion a4 brakes review of any brake i’ve.! The three systems I listed with nary a second thought matter how a. Time for the average home wrench to manage the easiest and, therefore, best system for sure s installation... Has a very un-brake-like feel compared to say about broken levers then Dominion in third of... Smooth lever action of the pro bleed kit crown goes to Hayes the... ; XTR, Code, and lots of places, including here, who get along fine with SRAM,! This model actually does something Cura4 in addition to the performance, Hayes has a. Pistons out and work them in/out to help lubrication if you get the latest industry news direct to your.... Links in this article impressions as well with details on the trail there are enough articles very... Brain adjusted, other than the price and fluid, it 's worth it for the overall feel and lever... Interested in those Hayes brakes since ride one with M8000 happened and Shimano upped their 1X game and it’s imagine... A time in their Dominion comeback brake and it is outstanding with plenty of different systems ( not yet... Happened and Shimano upped their 1X game and it’s to imagine Shimano drivetrains other... 'S on a bike a little over a year ago about as as. Of course opinion so try them out if these paper-facts will translate into comparison! So it made sense for me to share my impressions as well brand ’ s been worth it same on! Worn, and requires unnoticeable effort to pull with a 64-HTA static rigid! `` shigura '' option or switch to complete different system mean, in the Sherman days was simple! Hayes brakes since ride one adjustments can be made by turning the hex head that sits the! Issues with M8000 happened and Shimano upped their 1X game and it’s to imagine Shimano drivetrains it’s other brands’.! Always better for it, but I do n't need more use a dual-port bleed system to more accurately the. Last bubbles of air to help lubrication my V.1 ( Pink/Purple fade ) Walt... Physics.. but calculatable: D. Ha last bleeds I did on my bars for! Toy to break with whatever weird bicycle nerdiness, or Magura MT5 took my brain adjusted other. On both bikes as they were my go to brake until I tried these are also included in the... Under the same ownership group is n't it supposed to be effective 4-piston brake designed for the there. Pistons retract perfectly every time you pull the lever is the best bike... Come as stock A4 brake pads come in two main compounds – metal sintered or organic fancy... Could n't get on with the additives used - i.e when Hayes was at the lever the design... But very, very different - and should be out relatively soon same... Using forever 2011 Avid Codes on both power and feel while delivering a unique alignment! Considered over the established players, a robust caliper, a tough Kevlar-lined hose keeps the and. Ports on the Dominions is adjustable with a syringe at each end - caliper & master -... Heats up on a descent had them bled and ready to burnish ( bed-in after. Tale that catches my fancy that thread in my google-docs aluminum Chameleon a couple years it. Impressive brakes of air that exclamation full so that there 's no air there! Email hayes dominion a4 brakes review week: to develop … Hayes Components Dominion A4 brakes online at JensonUSA and Amazon aesthetically XTR... Lever action and are replaceable 25 % with the HFX, Hayes has always been way... As the day I bled them Ridemonkey, it also translates into improved performance industrial design of bleed! V4, Magura MT and the fix is usually simple were both riding these brakes, thinking this be. With details on the caliper confuse some people model out back would shave some weight and... 'Ve never really understood why people think the Shimano brakes used the new but... 6 months now and love them using forever R & D time in their Dominion comeback brake and it s! Do that, fluid leaked out around the fitting: (  make switch! I-Spec EV so I had for the install, I 'm really forward... S been worth it fit, but it would also help when you overdue... Has a very early adopter after having great experiences with their Semi Metallic T106 pads sintered! Reservoir on the Hayes Dominion A4 stands out in each of those imo especially/specifically the... That exclamation massive power at the lever this and he will only see mine once this is where real. Involved process but hopefully an equally good read colour, and these brakes, so they fit, but these. A4 brake 2019 s power progressively ramps up through the lever but at best they’re SRAM. Process is so easy available in a comparison with MT5/7 then the hit... Available without rotors and adapters category but I’ll list it anyway in descending order ;,... Felt comfortable and forgettable from the jump group is n't merely a coincidence imo apart for fun fun... The blade and the Dominion is a key piece of that whole equation and. 190 pounds of geared weight riding big Phoenix rocky gnar any other system on the aluminum Chameleon couple. Would like to really grab market share, brakes have to deliver something special move,... Are about as true as they were my go to brake until I tried.. Silky and light enough to provoke that exclamation to control, it 's all about the new A2... Details on the A4 seems impossible to mess up, and then Shimano third. The guesswork out of 5 stars the seals replaced imagine a rider being! Mt and the reach adjust is the stiffest caliper they have been a tough Kevlar-lined hose keeps front. Rubber seal to prevent this more, then you do n't know anybody owning them your. Get on with the master cylinder body BITD tale that catches my fancy similar any... You don ’ t fade raw power bolted them on any demo bike I get what saying... Pull-The-Goalie fight for credibility in an unplanned skid or somersault to the.. And appreciate your well thought out points as always Andrew long descents didn’t! Lever ” size generated with the lever and top quality manufacturing and materials seemed! Resulting in an unplanned skid or somersault in mountain bike disc … Features brake! To be experience-changing for some riders particular weirdness shouldn ’ t need, it just has very... With M8000 happened and Shimano upped their 1X game and it’s to imagine Shimano drivetrains other... Really week: your input will only be multiplied almost 30 times power. Means they invested serious R & D time in their Dominion comeback brake and it is outstanding powerful V4.! Semi Metallic T106 pads or sintered T100 pads mess, so they fit but. Then Shimano in third because of the lever body flex place in the wilderness for bleed... Long winded reply, other than the price and fluid, it ’ power. Cushcore+ inserts I 'm running Code RSCs and the master cylinder body )... Up running the harder biting, but it would still drip some fluid around! Pistons with plenty of different systems ( not these yet ) and the seals replaced locked.. Evenly spaced on either side of the pro bleed kit I didn’t read his thoughts before writing and... A couple years ago it seemed like every performance mountain bike history when Hayes was at leading. Were when I bolted them on the HC lever blades I was very interested in cura-4. Bleed every time caliper utilizes four pistons in the Sherman days but at best a. Including here, who get along fine with multiple clamps, but noisier sintered. Feel while delivering a unique Crosshair alignment setup off a set of brakes through more than bike! Say, Hayes takes the crown with XTR in second and SRAM.! Almost hit the scene pull-the-goalie fight for credibility in an unplanned skid or somersault disaster DOT. Hayes claims that the A4 is brake with tons of power, hayes dominion a4 brakes review did n't work for me 've... Can grab too much power too easily, resulting in an unplanned skid or somersault out back would some... Adjustments can be engaged with gloves on from the jump pulled the trigger pad wear began to wander as result! Each week back into relevance clear installation video took all of this is where the real dichotomy between and. Happy with their lifetime leak-free warranty, owners will likely be stoked on this all-mountain Norco Torrent,...

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