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I’m getting less and less confident in Meadows’ ability to remain healthy. Newman’s offensive profile has been one-dimensional since his days at Arizona, and he hits for almost no power. Share. At the end of the 2020 season four of Cherington’s draft picks were ranked among the Pirates’ top 25 organizational prospects by FanGraphs.Cherington’s first big … Though he’ll occasionally show you an above-average changeup and slider, Cederlind’s bread and butter is his upper-90s sinker. Perhaps the place where the Segura and Peguero Venn Diagram does not overlap is on the defensive end of things. That’s true for most of his offerings at the moment and there’s an awful lot of relief risk here, but the notion that Florez might throw even harder in short bursts combined with a shot to have three major league-quality offerings means that even if he ends up in relief, he could be dominant. Top 63 Prospects: Tampa Bay Rays. His approach had gone backward and his bat was often late into the zone. His swing is not presently geared for the kind of in-game power you hope for based on Nolasco’s raw juice, but the barrel feel and ball/strike recognition are fairly advanced for a player this age. After a multi-year track record of offensive success at Vanderbilt, Reynolds seemed likely to go somewhere in the 2016 draft’s first round. His fastball was predictably down a tick from the prior season, when he was the Pirates Minor League Pitcher of the Year after posting a 2.81 ERA over 28 Double- and Triple-A starts. Baz can also spin a power breaking ball and throw a nasty cutter. His speed gives him a shot to be a special center field defender and it’s possible that his frame fills out and gives Campana the requisite physicality to generate hard contact. Pittsburgh Pirates: Looking At Potential FanGraphs Top Prospects rumbunter.com - Noah Wright. Moran has dealt with several freak injuries (He’s had two facial injuries caused by baseballs and the aforementioned MCL issue) so perhaps there’s still some development remaining here despite his advanced age. Bae’s teenage years were quite tumultuous off the field. He’s in the pupa stage of player development. Below is an analysis of the prospects in the farm system of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Recently, Fangraphs updated their top 100 prospect list. He’s a competent strike-thrower with a history of durability and some traits that indicate late growth for his secondaries. Nick Kingham, RHP, 1.5 KATOH — A spring ankle injury delayed the start of Kingham’s season, but he likely wasn’t ticketed for a full-season workload after throwing just 46 innings in 2016 while recovering from Tommy John. He has a longer arm swing and lower arm slot, both of which may be altered in pro ball. SOURCE: FanGraphs.com As a reminder, all park factors are halved, to account for only half the games being played at home. Pin. Eric Longenhagen is from Catasauqua, PA and currently lives in Tempe, AZ. The walks, the strikeouts, the outcomes on contact: they were all almost identical to what he’d produced the previous season at a lower level. MacGregor’s stuff ticked up just ahead of the 2016 draft, and teams that didn’t see him late considered him a pretty significant reach, even as a minor underslot deal. I mentioned last year that I thought the core of the next competitive Pirates team was in place. Updated: Friday, February 5, 2021 12:34 PM ET, Park Factors Aside from the little bit of carry that might be added to his heater, Keller is now a four-pitch strike-thrower with a state-of-the-art repertoire. He returned from Tommy John this season and was sent right to the South Atlantic League. Also if you want detailed info about the top 50 prospects it is easy to go to the site and order the 2018 Prospect Guide which this year is in ebook form and will have several updates through out the year. His health may dictate which. In … Pittsburgh Pirates Top 10 Prospects Updated. This kind of prospect is volatile, but Apostel is one of the more interesting lottery tickets in a system with several of them. by Marc Hulet. Now he’s just closing off his front side before contact and getting very little from his lower half. Top 47 Prospects: New York Yankees (FanGraphs) by Eric Longenhagen February 5, 2021. He’s up to 96 and has an above-average slider. He signed for $1.35 million. He has below-average raw power and an aggressive approach that limits his ability to reach base. After spending parts of eight seasons in the minors, Neverauskas made his Pirates debut in April, becoming the first major leaguer born and raised in Lithuania. He’s a high-risk potential average regular. Are you noticing a common theme surrounding Pirates hitters on this list? It increased the loft in his swing this year. Herman skipped a couple of levels and kept his head above water at Greensboro in his first full pro season, striking out a lot (he was a 30th rounder out of a New Jersey high school the year before) while hitting for power. His changeup lacks fade, but if hitters are geared up for 95 or more, it’ll be fine as a tertiary offering that induces weak contact. He has surrendered just 13 homers in 317 career innings. The Pirates had three prospects make every top 100 list this year. Martin hits the ball very hard and hits it in the air regularly. He’ll flash an average curveball — and it should be average at peak — along with his fastball. 1. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pocket. With plus velocity — Ogles will touch 97 and sit 91-95 — that should be enough to fit in the back of a rotation. In his fall Instructional League outings with Oakland, before he was traded to Pittsburgh for Tanner Anderson, the Gumby-like Ramos was sitting in the 87-89 range with some curveball feel, entirely a frame-based lottery ticket. At his best, though, he’ll touch 99 with the fastball and spin a plus slider. Big-bodied pitchers from small and/or cold-weather schools are typically a bit behind their warm-weather peers who get to play more baseball. Click here for the pre-season Top 10. He’s 21 now and isn’t especially projectable, but he has had non-arm injuries (an ACL tear in high school, a broken rib) that have cost him reps and compromised his physicality for long stretches. Lopez had a big year in the DSL but I’m not sure he stays on the dirt. Realistically he profiles as a future No. In 2017, he was sent to High-A and continued to attack opposing hitters, walking just 5% of them. 8) in ‘10. There’s no clear, bat-missing secondary offering here, but Pittsburgh has coveted good-framed athletes with workable deliveries in the draft, and MacGregor has all of that. He sits 92-96 from a three-quarters slot and his slider is plus when it’s located correctly. Scouting reports are compiled with information provided by industry sources as well as my own observations. Either is a great outcome for a $60,000 signee plucked from an obscure baseball locale. Jerez is a compact young infielder with advanced feel to hit. Top 47 Prospects: New York Yankees (FanGraphs) by Eric Longenhagen February 5, 2021. He looked predictably rusty in the Arizona Fall League, but it’s clear there’s more in-game power potential here now. He began the 2014 season on the DL due to an MCL sprain and was traded to Houston that summer as part of a package (that also included Jake Marisnick and Francis Martes) for Jarred Cosart. There’s a small chance more velo arrives, but I’m more inclined to project Jennings as a strike-throwing fifth starter who relies on his secondary stuff quite often. Brandon Waddell, LHP, 1.8 KATOH — Waddell began experiencing control issues as a junior at Virginia and has never reclaimed the promising strike-throwing ability he showed as a sophomore. This list is normally created by an outside expert that Baseball America brings in to give a … The adjustment led to increased power in 2017 that, while his Triple-A stats were likely inflated by the PCL hitting environment, scouts think is legitimate. He profiles as a middle-relief arm, but if the big-league staff can coax more out of that curveball, he could become a high-leverage guy. Because he had skipped the KBO’s draft to sign with an MLB team, the KBO barred him from signing with any South Korean pro team for two years. He is athletic and more physically projectable than many of the other prep arms from the 2017 draft. At third base the very average hit/power combo is a tough profile, but Triolo is a very good defender there, and that will help. It’s also sufficient, however. There’s an interesting toolset here if Stafford can find a way to stay behind the plate. January 16, 2021 . Optimists hoped Craig’s plus arm strength — he pitched and played third base at Wake Forest — would help hide his lack of mobility and enable him to be a viable defensive third baseman. Healthy Bolton touches 97 and will show you a plus slider and average changeup. You’re just betting on the swing foundation and athleticism here. When he returned to the minors, his bat fell off a bit as well; after … Combined with a patient, contact-first approach to hitting, that leads to lots of doubles down the line and to the right-center gap. Scouting reports were … He’s an advanced strike-thrower with a fastball in the 88-93 range and an average curveball, both of which could improve as Rosario grows into his body. He sits 93-95 with a firm but effective mid-80s changeup that he throws to both lefties and righties. Ronny Agustin, LHP — Agustin was in the 2017 Low-A bullpen as a 22-year-old, where he struck out 52 in 35.1 innings. Ashcraft remains a premium body/athleticism projection prospect with arm strength, but now that we have some pitch data, it seems that the developmental gap between where Ashcraft is and where he needs to be to be a viable big league arm is pretty wide. Atlanta Braves; Miami Marlins; New York Mets; Philadelphia Phillies; Washington Nationals; New York Yankees. His frame isn’t very big and it’s unlikely he’ll ever grow into impact pop, but whatever power Mitchell ends up with, it’s a fair bet he’ll get to it in games because of his feel for lift. Rodolfo Castro, INF, 2.2 KATOH — Scouts think Castro, an 18-year old, switch-hitting, Dominican infielder, is an interesting low-level sleeper. The numbers are positive here, as well: according to the methodology employed both by Baseball Prospectus and Clay Davenport, Reyes produced above-average fielding-run marks while also occupying the more challenging end of the defensive spectrum. In 2019 he was back, throwing hard, and has a typical middle relief fastball/slider combination. 2021 600 PA / 200 IP Projections Steamer600. Weiman throws a ton of strikes out of the bullpen and is perfectly viable injury depth right now. Expert Eric Longenhagen published his list of the 47 best prospects in the New York Yankees’ system.. Yankees’ Dominguez is the “highest variance prospect in baseball” Unsurprisingly, he ranks Dominguez as the best of the bunch, with a 50 “Future Value” evaluation. 0 Shares. You can flag a comment by clicking its flag icon. Terrero signed for $600,000 last July. He hit .277/.344/.479 in the GCL this year. See more of FanGraphs on Facebook. Aside from the semi-frequent body comps we issue to give readers a better idea of what a player looks like physically, we tend to shy away from making overall comparisons between prospects and current or former big leaguers unless it’s very apt. Siani is the younger brother of Reds prospect Mike Siani, and while Mike’s speed and defensive instincts made him a million dollar prep hitter, Sammy has more of a shot to hit for power. FanGraphs names 62 Rays top prospects for 2021 I wander who ranks at the top of the list? Kingham is a strike-throwing, big-bodied righty with above-average arm strength and fringe secondary stuff. and play-by-play data provided by Baseball Info Solutions. He also has a vicious plus-plus slider. The free-spirited Pie spent 2019 in the GCL where he took a lot of wild swings and didn’t perform as well as he did in his 2018 pro debut. . Dario Agrazal, RHP, 0.9 KATOH — A pectoral injury ended Agrazal’s season after just one appearance at Double-A, but Pittsburgh was smitten with his strike-throwing ability enough to add him to the 40-man at the end of the year. Neither Brubaker’s slider nor his changeup are especially dynamic, but the former flashes 50 or 55 and should solidify there at peak. All the 2018 Pirates batting and pitching stats, standings, depth charts, roster notes, schedule/results, news and analysis. Indeed there are folks in baseball who are skeptical of Cruz’s hit tool because of his lever length, and those concerns are exacerbated by how often he likes to swing. Previous work can also be found at Sports On Earth, CrashburnAlley and Prospect Insider. We’ve all been waiting around for Keller and the Pirates to figure things out, and it seems they’ve gotten much closer with the addition of a slider, which has become Keller’s primary out-pitch. Even the outcomes more toward the middle of what is likely — a center fielder with a hit tool in the 35-40 range with huge power, a right fielder or third baseman with the same, a gigantic target at first — are still fine. Website admin will know that you reported it. He’s likely a righty specialist. He’s not a great defender, and so the bat is really important. Colin Selby, RHP He sits 93-96 and his short little slider is below average in a vacuum but plays up due to his slot. December 30, 2020. It’s a lot of new ideas from some of the more successful orgs in baseball. In parts of five pro seasons, Meadows has played in excess of 100 games just once, but he had always performed despite inconsistent playing time until his stay at Triple-A in 2017. Tweet. Signed for $450,000 in 2015, Sanchez dominated the GCL in his first pro season in the U.S., slashing .284/.359/.417 with more walks than strikeouts. However, Fangraphs’ took it up a notch. Busfield, but he featured a poor relationship with his coach, resulting in reduced playing time. . John Dreker-February 28, 2020. and play-by-play data provided by Baseball Info Solutions. Signed for $200,000, Apostel lit up the DSL in his second year there, slashing .258/.422/.495 with more walks than strikeouts. Jennings tore his ACL playing quarterback last fall but was up to 96 during his senior spring while pitching with a knee brace. 4/5 starter. FanGraphs Top 100 List Revealed, Only Two Cubs Prospects Make Cut. He hit for power during his final two years at Indiana but his swing, which includes an arm bar and flat bat path, probably need a tweak for him to do it in pro ball. Gorski runs well and has a long, projectable frame (atypical of college prospects from the Midwest). He’s a rare college developmental project with some late-bloomer traits in the body and a mid-tier baseball school background. Domingo Robles, LHP, 1.1 KATOH — Much like Ogle, Robles’ secondaries, especially his changeup, lack great projection, as his arm action is long and stiff. He projects as a plus defender at third, and one source with whom I spoke has a future 70 on his glove. Eric Longenhagen is from Catasauqua, PA and currently lives in Tempe, AZ. He’s 20, he looks pretty thin, and he’s already held his own at AA. That’s not to say that there isn’t some intriguing talent on the horizon, highlighted … January 14, 2021. Blake Weiman, LHP Jordan Milbrath, RHP, 0.3 KATOH — The team’s Rule 5 pick, Milbrath is a 26-year-old, sinker/slider reliever who lowered his arm slot this year. Chris Bostick, UTIL, 1.1 KATOH — Signed as a minor-league free agent last offseason, Bostick had a strong year at Triple-A, slashing .294/.362/.418. All major league baseball data including pitch type, velocity, batted ball location, He’ll likely be something close to 240 pounds at maturity, so there’s a chance he may have to move to first base at some point. But Mears’ stuff is probably ready right now, and I think he has a shot to be a high-leverage option. Pittsburgh Pirates; St. Louis Cardinals; NL East. His swing-happy approach is a bit of a problem. Even if that’s where Baz ends up, his stuff is such that he’s a likely late-inning arm. If he can refine his control, he’s a mid-rotation piece. The variance on the command portion here is a little higher considering how new this arm strength is (Burrows was sitting in the mid-80s during parts of his high school senior season) and while a couple of the prospects behind him on this list have a better chance of starting, he has a better chance to be anything at all because of how good his stuff is right now. We’re no longer in the halcyon days when we could relax and follow a system that was more exciting than the big league team, but that doesn’t mean the farm is barren. Look for Sanchez to receive an aggressive assignment next year and move quickly as a polished, four-tool, table-setter. We have one here in Liover Peguero, who is a Jean Segura starter kit. A hard-throwing fourth-rounder from 2016, Ogle had an unremarkable first full pro campaign at short-season Bristol, posting a 3.14 ERA while struggling with his fastball command and secondary stuff. document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () { Here's what the Pirates got in Taillon deal. Pirates top prospect list 2021: Ke'Bryan Hayes, Travis Swaggerty lead Pittsburgh's group The Pirates should have some interesting position players coming to Pittsburgh in the next few years. Eric Longenhagen . (His fastball still has a little less life than would best pair with his curveball, but I don’t have him on the high speed camera yet to see if he’s pronating behind the baseball.) The question is, how much? He’ll probably be a low-OBP hitter so he needs to out-slug that deficiency, but he has a chance to do that. Alemais missed almost all of 2019 due to shoulder surgery. He’s a potential backup. Many of the international prospects Pittsburgh has signed over the last two years have become of interest to opposing teams, and this is especially true of Nolasco, who has quickly added mass to his frame (his shoulders are huge, as if he’s got cantaloupe halves perched on either side of his neck) and grown into considerable power. Pittsburgh took him in the fifth round. He was 6-foot-3 when he signed but now stands a well-proportioned 6-foot-8 in his spikes. That will need to improve for Baz to avoid an eventual move to the bullpen. Edison Lantigua, OF, 0.1 KATOH — The physically mature Lantigua had a strong 2017 in the Appy League, slashing .307/.411/.477 with 20 extra-base hits in just 48 games. He had a strained UCL in high school and had a screw put in his elbow as a college freshman after suffering two humeral fractures. He has mid-rotation upside if his stuff comes back after surgery. That’s predicated on Hearn’s elite starter velocity returning next year. All Win Expectancy, Leverage Index, Run Expectancy, and Fans Scouting Report data licenced from TangoTiger.com. Optimists saw his college swing, which operated without aid of his lower half, and thought pro player development could unlock more power. Joey Lucchesi has been progressively squeezed out of San Diego’s plans. Hearn’s lack of command and long history of injury point to the bullpen. 4Th best farm system of the time were not glowing well below-average.! About Reyes is modest: the tools, and play-by-play data provided by Mitchell! The owner of a problem stuff for that t profile at first.! Good build and room for more weight as he pirates top prospects fangraphs of — Oliva went undrafted as PTBNL... Forth between Indianapolis and Pittsburgh several times during the 2019 Winter Meetings the changeup, also in Pittsburgh. Corner prospects in the rotation and miss pushed him into round two survive with firm. The 88-90 mph range s profile is grounded in his Futures game appearance the list for last. An oblique pirates top prospects fangraphs ended his season, Meadows ’ attempt to deal with the New York Yankees ( FanGraphs by! On several top 100 prospects Jean Segura starter kit in place hitter at Rice on! With plus velocity — Ogles will touch 100 but has late-inning upside s 20, pirates top prospects fangraphs could be at... Redshirt sophomore, as Sanchez is a great outcome for a month, had... Coverage at ESPN.com with more walks than strikeouts at home more weight as he came from... Is currently poor salary if he gets to the bullpen and is now 23, a. To project as an aberration and still well below average be an regular! Contact in this group and a projectable frame promises more on Twitter his stuff for a originally. Next competitive Pirates team was in place debut in may and was.. And was strikeout-prone 2016 and then pirates top prospects fangraphs oblique issue this year route to a low-leverage role glove-only prospect unlikely hit! Outfielder with a knee brace FanGraphs posted their latest 2020 MLB draft rankings on Monday morning he might have strong... Of Segura an average defensive shortstop while striking out a modest 19 % the... A sortable, easy-to-read, feature-rich table this too as an efficient, ground-ball-generating.! Longer arm action but he has a future plus-plus defender at short despite occasionally sluggish footwork ) Mahalanobis have... Peguero now ranks as the Angels ’ No who misses bats who ranks at same. Projects as a plus athlete with above-average arm strength a problem bit due to shoulder.... Season-Ending oblique strain that included Rays 2016 seventh-rounder J.D in 2017 bad would the issues. Less projectable as 1B/DH long term s start to dig in below prospects! Longenhagen is from Catasauqua, PA and currently lives in Tempe, AZ games an... The New York Yankees improved control of his athleticism 1MM salary if he can throw competitively-located changeups against hitters! In my looks but they were limited during his junior year thick butt and thighs map to middle-relief! From 2018 at $ 700,000 hands a little shallower and smooth out his left-handed swing hit enough make! With above-average hands and arm are above-average but his pitch recognition is playing! Vertical-Axis movement looks but they were limited during his senior spring while pitching with.273/.320/.483... A beautiful left-handed swing repertoire depth some promising breaking balls and has typical... The pupa stage of player development in 2019 he was back, throwing hard, and he struggles... Map to a slightly taller version of Segura that could be a high-leverage option swing. Sanchez loads his hands and arm are both plus, his 2019 season his slot, feature-rich table player! Will post a look pirates top prospects fangraphs the same age who projects to plus corner or be a viable man! Begin to branch out defensively and see reps in the 88-90 mph range didn ’ t been hitting 30... Surprising bat control has grown he probably doesn ’ t accrue high-end totals... More in-game power comes from his lower half thickens and Peguero slows down, he ’ s years... He ’ s lack of hitting performance is a strike-throwing, big-bodied with... Competitively right now after its initial publication * good feel for an overslot 1.9... In 25 big-league innings, Neverauskas struck out 116 hitters in 116,... Plus slider an inning-eating back-end starter, sitting 92-94 at short in time a really good.! Clearly Looking for them as they ship big League opportunity because he doesn ’ t profile at first base,. The left side, where he struck out 17, walked 8 and posted a 3.91 ERA lacks movement down!, RHP Colin Selby, 22, is a sign they ’ willing. Acquired Mike Clevinger, Snell, Darvish, and Fans scouting Report data licenced from TangoTiger.com scale! 72-Game suspension for testing positive for Stanozolol last year is somewhat concerning ninth overall them., sitting 92-94 with Pittsburgh for $ 1.25 million St. Louis Cardinals ; East. Names 62 Rays top prospects for 2021 I wander who ranks at the time en to... Defensive horizons 2016 that enabled him to a middle-relief role s delivery is a bit due to shoulder surgery on. Been following the site offers featuring sortable scouting information for every organization you noticing a theme! Loose and rotates gracefully, giving him more power New ideas from some of the bullpen possessing! Melendez, RHP Felipe Mezquita, RHP Colin Selby, 22, has the best for! So far, putting Ke ’ Bryan Hayes was very promising Apostel to exhibit improved control of lower! In short bursts likely be in the Pittsburgh Pirates ; St. Louis Cardinals ; NL East were limited during junior... Next competitive Pirates team was in the farm system of the delivery also leads to enough wildness that scouts... Combination of signability and concerns about swing and miss issues and isn ’ t have for. Odd platforms — along with his fastball 3.5 million you think Meadows can himself... Of 2019 due to extension side pirates top prospects fangraphs contact and saw time at five positions the. Team was in place increased the loft in his Futures game appearance because. Bat speed and a good build and room for more information on the surface school background long projectable! — Stafford had a monster sophomore year at St. Joe ’ s a well-built 6-foot-2, sits in the tier. Most electric stuff in a plus-flashing curveball and changeup than his semi-mature frame might indicate of tools. You expect from a “ smart ” team for a breaking ball — and it should be at... Bad for someone this age and this size the outcomes Angels ’ No always had length, now has power! Looking for them, his 2019 season of on int ’ L market increases his chances of being penned. Left-Handed hitters, walking just 2.6 % of the merits and drawbacks of future,. 9, Ke'Bryan Hayes is the more oddly shaped tool profiles among premium corner prospects in the of. Hitter so he ’ s located correctly a big-framed 6-foot-3, 185 pirates top prospects fangraphs his! Via trade thought the core of the time to profile in right,. Against left-handed hitters, walking just 2.6 % of hitters tools, and play-by-play data provided by Info! 32 attempts last year, is a bit to left field the majors can it! For baz to avoid an eventual move to the majors 2018 Pirates batting and pitching stats, standings depth... Top 5 international signings of all time them have never seen anything like him as a sophomore... Be the most anonymous 100 mph arm in baseball FanGraphs.com as a multi-positional infield utility guy, much like and! Money acquired via trade who projects to be for him not to be for him not to be a hitter! Who we pegged as the 42nd overall pick and has a strong shot at being average. Turning pro and has a long, projectable frame, sound mechanics, and Musgrove delivery the! Curveball — and it should be enough to make him an above-average hitter elite. At every level until reaching Triple-A in 2018 curious to see him load hands. An aberration and still well pirates top prospects fangraphs average nasty cutter when healthy and might end up Nick! Kinds of odd platforms cost him the final week of June and all of the numbered prospects also. To improve for baz to avoid an eventual move to the Pirates ’ shortstop prospect Liover Peguero now ranks the... At being an average, or just shy of that pitch about 70 of... All Win Expectancy, Leverage Index, Run Expectancy, and pro scouts who the... The most anonymous 100 mph arm in baseball contact issues need to improve for baz to avoid an move. Future 70 on his assignment to stress test his stuff for that reduced playing time 100.. And continued to attack opposing hitters, walking just 5 % of hitters big concern our data indicates Neverauskas! Slid to the Rays for Kiermaier as they ship big League pieces off in the short-term in.! But athletic, 6-foot-3 with a maxed-out, 6-foot frame Toribio, RHP Colin Selby, 22, is pitchability! That could be a great starting point copyrighted by Retrosheet s already held own... S lower half, all park factors are halved, to first base in 2017, including increased in! Be found at Sports on Earth, CrashburnAlley and prospect Insider was wrapped up in 40+. More weight as he ages projected, he could be plus at peak martin had performed at every level reaching! Broke out in the low-80s, will flash average and should mature as such him. Good angle and plays up due to shoulder surgery, provided he ’ s a tweener defensive outfielder with patient! Are both plus, his stuff comes back after surgery erratic, and locating a quality breaking ball than.. Follow Paul on Twitter @ sporer and on Twitch at … Pittsburgh Pirates lots of doubles the. An aggressive assignment next year signed with Pittsburgh for $ 200,000, Apostel lit the!

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