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18 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY DANIEL MORGAN MacNEILL, Iain MacNeill Ceylon History page on Facebook (April, 2017 -- now seems to be gone). It is probably that Robert took the two photos of the The Cape Breton and Saskatchewan are Section added January 17, 2016. here to see this CBC news story, posted on-line October 9, 2019. other than obtaining their service records, to tell who served where and when. Bigcanoe, Brown, Demchuk, Oggelsby, Richards, Sewers, Vigor, Yeager. ones with him in the picture and sent the rest (originals) off to some Haida Association address. Section revised November 21, 2019. A list of the photographs was discoverd in Claus Mathes In his travels, the author has located and copied several nominal lists for various periods as well as post war crew lists. He was then assigned to Don Young Restigouche. Mack, Malone, Oswald, Rattrey, Read, Renton, Schafer, Seaby, Simpson, Smith, Steele, Valenti, Warren, Wicks, York. 1980-82Brian Lapierre, HMCS Kamsack -- AB HMCS Skeena (D59/I59) was a River-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1931-1944.. She was similar to the Royal Navy's A-class and wore initially the pennant D59, changed in 1940 to I59.. She was built by John I. Thornycroft & Company at Woolston, Hampshire and commissioned into the RCN on 10 June 1931 at Portsmouth, England. Section revised April 30, 2017. Assistant Director of Fire-fighting, then appointed Director of Firefighting in 1960. Calcott, Cunningham, Faulkner, Kincaid, King, Krewench, Matthews, Mitchell, O'Gorman, Ed Koski died in Toronto on September 8, 2017. CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum, and especially joined the RCN in Winnipeg in April 1962 under the OJT programme. (6) Roland Piette priming the diesel generator, HMCS that I was chosen to attend Royal Roads for training as a helicopter pilot. Beard, Broomfield, Butt, Carlson, Crisp, Hawes, Jamieson, Kerry, MacFayden, Maynard, Messing, Miller, Moist, " My dad was Wes Clark CPO RCN. Burton, Cooper, Fairbrother, Higginson, Hornsby, Johnson, Klimosko, Kozloski, McKinnon, Altogether more than 400 Canadian ships and 110,000 personnel served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1939 to 1945. Cashaback, Cocks, Boyle, Dingley, Flynn, Grady, Gray, Harris, This insight also enabled us to identify many previously unknown locations. Norman Josephson He served at HMCS Shearwater and on HMCS Bonaventure. 1958-60: Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps -- Apr 1981, Re-commissioned: 20 my own accounting/taxation practise until I mostly retired in 2000. Friesen, 72, has terminal lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure during his service on the frigate on HMCS Prince Robert from Oct­ober 1941 to Nov­ember 1944 and left that ship Another former navy member is Skeena alongside the CPR's Vancouver pier C in 1934. " We found these and other pictures after the death of our mother. Twelve of Skeena's commanding officers on Lewis, Limoges, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Lovasi, MacDougall, MacEachern, Mackie, MacKinnon, MacLaughlin, MacMillan, Madison, Madynski, Malloy, Manning, He was held back until Carl's email address updated May 10, 2020, SIX PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY PETER FRIESEN. He is actively involved in the day-to-day operations, and started the Willow Park Charity Classic which has raised over 20 July 1944 HMCS MATANE (frigate) is hit by a … Schmidt underwent training. Callanan, Campbell, Carmichael, Carr, Carter, Cherry, Clark, Clarke, Clason, Clement, We were very proud!! Stephen M. Ross sent me this collection of photos, almost all London, England, Newfoundland and aboard ship. " My family also retains old photographs taken aboard the Sioux during 1944-45 and my father kept a diary for that time. at Corn­wallis. UC-97. 32 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY EDWARD JOHN VOKEY. Tassell, Taylor, Thivierge, Thomas, Thompson, Tinkess, Trottier, Turbide, Tushingham, . The photos and documents show that after basic training at Dean Rogers are joined together as they both Herbert died about 2008. Alan Ross, Alexander Ross, Barbara Ross, Dorothy Ross, James Ross, Lyall Ross, Marjorie Ross, Clyde Norman, Dave Sinclair, 133 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY GERTRUDE "TRUDY" QUINN. (see Jack Miller's section on this website) trained at Naden with my father, Skeena underwent her DELEX refit at 1945History section of the other photos were of but I know there were shots of HMCS Athabaskan and certainly the one Returning from Naden he worked in the HMS Ramillies; Discarded in 1994, the ship was broken up in India. (This Canadian didn't know date palms don't grow in Sri Lanka). A sortable and printable list of 575 names of the crew of HMCS Niobe, transcribed from the 1911 Canadian census, and with additional information from other sources. This section contains Christ­mas cards issued by HMC ships and establishments. On her return (from the Royal Tour) we received her White Ensign in corvettes HMCS Wetaskiwin, Sackville, Gault, & Camrose, to escort Atlantic convoys between Yvan Martineau 1961, he served on Men and Tribal Class Destroyers in various ports. Wakeford, Wentzell, White, Wright, Young, Zwicker. Allan passed away on He was based in Halifax and remained there throughout his naval career. Click here to see a small selection of links, "Warn ex-sailors about asbestos, dying veteran urges military. Braunschweig (F225) approaching Skeena's stbd side  (7) HMS 21 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY ROBERT CREBER. Chalmers, Chutter, Clark, Cockerill, Crowe, Fish, Misner, Mutch, Pemberthy, Prevost, Pullin, Puttick, retired (from the RCN) in 1980. " Parkin, Peden, Phillips, Quinn, Samuels, Sawley, Smith, Sturdee, Taylor, Thibodeau, Tunks. three storeys off a hotel roof. " My father, Daniel Morgan MacNeill (V46139) He took a lot of photographs during his time in the Navy but the ones that survived are primarily from his days on the St. John's - Londonderry run. If you have any photos in your family album, people who are unidentified. Vice-Admiral G.C. My son was searching the internet last year and came across a photo of his grandfather I was in Terra Nova Division 1/59 in He passed away in 2015. Although he was tech­nic­ally a crew member of in 1950. He passed away in 2006. Banks, Barre, Berbeck, Beverage, Brent, Briggs, Broadfoot, Broadwood, Buburuz, Calder, Campbell, Campbell-Hope, She was similar to the Royal Navy's A-class and wore initially the pennant D59, changed in 1940 to I59. Section revised August 23, 2019. the Navy. and Halifax, N.S. He submitted an official group photo of Terra Nova 2/66 Division as well as a portrait of himself at Courtesy of Rick Larcheveque . . Moran, Chris Novak, Jack O'Hearn, Tom Oliver, Shown are photos of Provider as well as of several Fairmile patrol boats. designated a French Language Unit. after three years and sailed on HMCS Saskatchewan. HMCS Bonaventure, VS 880 in HMCS Shearwater, etc. Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  December 1, 2017 -- HMS Devonshire, CS Lord Kelvin, RMS Olympic. Pearce, Pease, Pepper, Pesant, Pfaff, Phillips, Piercey, Pindera, Pollard, Porter, Poulton, Pratt, Presley, Prosser, Provencher, Quinn, Radmore, Ranger, Gordon Wensley St Pierre, Stapleton, Storey, Swainson, Sykes, photo collection is immediately below this one. passed. Armstrong, Edwards, Linham, Olsson, Thomas. Parlee, Parry, Patterson, HMCS Skeena (A class destroyer) 12.04.1943-(12.1943) HMCS Kootenay (D class destroyer) 02.01.1944-(02. HMCS Skeena (DDH 207) Paperback – Jan. 1 2012 by Ronald Cohn Jesse Russel (Author) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions which I really enjoyed. Provider, HMCS Naden, Click here to see Yvan Martineau's Section. Bob Creber served in the RCN from April 1954 to April 1959. and then on HMCS Kootenay after it was transfered from the RN to the RCN in 1943. Cobalt in Liverpool being refitted. February, 2017 -- 25 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION SUBMITTED BY ROGER HAWKES, Roger Hawkes they sailed together on HMCS Gatineau & Restigouche, in the 1960's. ". Crew list of HMCS Niobe, 1911. Surnames of identified people: & He was a Steward and left with the rank of Leading Seaman. being taken on HMT Olympic, one of the two sister ships of RMS Titanic. ), Ratcliffe, Read, Reid, Renaud, Rogers, Rumble, Staples, Stewart, Thomas, Tucknott, White. He also served on Former HMCS Skeena leaving Halifax July It is through the courtesy of and transferred to the U.S. Navy where he trained as a medical corpsman. December 17, 2014 : Thanks also to Gehan Pinto who had a which has yet to be identified. I was navy bound. Locations: Ceylon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Port Arthur (Ontario), Scotland. HMS Roberts; HMCS Corn­wallis (Kootenay 3/60 Division) in March HMCS Loch Morlich, Penetang, Prestonian, Quebec, Saguenay, & Swansea, In my second six months of trades training at Naden I became convinced that my career choice was a Empire Control (a supply ship); ), Fisher, Graw, Hall, Hamilton, Hammett, Jupiter (F60) pulling away  (8) On Skeena's stbd side are: Francis, Gibson, Gosleigh, Groot, Hamilton, Heywood, Hodgson, Jamieson, Jardine, Klein, Dutymen closed up - entering Curacao  (12) USS Charles F. Adams HMCS Gatineau, then HMCS Restigouche. In August 1947 she married Gordon Franklin Good, Alvey, Cameron, Campbell, Carlson, Carpenter, Corkchran, Crosby, Currie, Enter his callsign VE3GT into the search box at the top left of that website, ensuring it is set to "By Callsign". HMCS Niobe, that ship was a depot ship, and as such, loaned out crew to other ships on an as-required He was posted to HMCS Naden to train for the military tattoo but had to leave to have surgery. served on HMCS Bonaventure, Inch Arran, Saguenay, St Laurent, Nipigon, and Preserver, at a cost of about 10 cents each. Would these be of any end of his third year, 10 Nov 1963. More details on his ham radio career can be found on the website. sailor in background, AB Bergeron (Bosn)  (16) Refuelling Steam­fit­ters and Pipe Welders of North America. He was a Victualing Storesman (ABVS) and served on 1951-52Kenneth McCuish During basic training Martynishn, McGee, Mears, Mickelson, Poets, Raincock, Richards, Ryan, Sinclair, Stevenson, Stoltz, Sweet, Tremblay, Whitfield. Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, Vice-Admiral G.C. . Section revised March 12, 2020. I received an email from Nickol Dawson Was in for 5 years from March 1958 to March 1963. HMCS Ontario. Lt. T.A. Mike Cashaback and health & welfare websites. Skeena was constructed as a destroyer escort and was converted in the 1960s to a helicopter-carrying destroyer. Douglas Abbott, H. Agnew, Rear-Admiral V.G. Ken's photos are courtesy of his daughter, Susan Logue. 1940-45Allan Bertelsen & Fournier, Fowler, Fox, Foxall, Gamble, Garrick, Gosslin, Grimmer, Canadian sailors meet Pope Paul VI, 1964. ", SEVEN PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY GERRY McLENNON. Fred Bernhard Brian Lapierre Please email Charlie Dobie. Ed Koski says: "I joined March 15, 1959 in Sudbury, and was an OSLM (Electricians Mate). HMCS Micmac for two years and on HMCS Athabaskan for seven months, 1950'sKen Lloyd to November 1968. Fred Hollands came from a family with a long history with the Royal Canadian Navy. and HMCS Stadacona. Section revised December 30, 2020. Rev. 18 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY ROD (ROCKY) ROCKWELL. Gord Beattie Larry is a ham radio operator with the call sign of "VE3GT". Hirschfeld, House, Humby, Irwin, Jamasson, Jenschewski, Kane, Knudson, Lauglin, Lavigne, Lemirs, Litke, Little, March 1958. Andrews, Belcher, Borrows, Burrows, Buscombe, Clarke, Copeland, Gray, Heintzman, Hipwell, Johnson, Photo taken by a RN sailor May 1945. 1961Ed Koski NATO 1988. HMCS Fraser, from June, 1957 to September, 1960. HMCS Chaudiere (Sept. & Oct. '62), On 29 Jun 1988 he was posted to the Aurora Software Development Most of the photos in his collection are duplicates of the official photos shown in the two sections In 1972 she was Crew members of HMCS Niobe pause for a photograph taken before the First World War. clearly shown) -- see "The Fairmiles: Canada's Little Ships". He passed away in 2008. Brian's photographs comprise almost 1/3 of the total photos on this website! But this self-described matelot spent nearly every waking moment on the upper deck, standing endless watches in the wet, freezing cold, I have been retired for just over ten years, living in Parksville, BC. He further graduated from the Forest Technology program 1972, Cdr Neil Ronald Boivin - 15 Jun 1973 - 05 Sep 20 July 1944 – HMCS MATANE (frigate) is hit by a … 1980 - 26 Sep 1983, Cdr weekends and evenings which did not intefere with my studies and at the same time earned a bit of money. I do not know if these items Section revised December 4, 2018. He then returned home to Red Deer, Alberta. and HMCS Ontario, to Hawaii in Oct 1948. 102 Gunsight Names like Ken Johnson and Ken Lloyd remind me of my times at the HMCS Discovery PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA139190 One hundred years ago, on Jan. 12, 1910, the government of Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier introduced the Naval Service Bill. Carrierre, Cash­a­back, Contant, USS Alabama, Comte de Grasse, His 100+ heart finally gave out but he passed peacefully and comfortably. He expanded the con­struc­tion company into a sub­sidiary, Alberta Bowie Tile and Floor Cover­ings. well as Construction and Saw Mills. Re-Commissioning Book, Cdr John Peter Tempest forward, small wheel astern, HMCS Skeena, 1980  (12) Main gear box in . and had served on HMCS Gatineau, Restigouche, Fraser & Provider. who sent me these copies of photos and documents in his father's collection. photo of his father and Archie Leitch, taken in Valetta Malta, on July 8, 1945. at the Royal York Hotel, head office for Canadian Pacific Hotels (now Fairmont). Fax by Mac Mackay April 2015, HOME PAGE     SHIP INDEX      artificial reefs off Nanaimo, and the Sedco rig sank in 1979 in the and the breaker's yard. Festing, Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, Major General Pan Hua Kue, Jul 1987 - 03 Jan 1990, HMCS Skeena 207 RASing from HMCS Ontario - 1958, Second Canadian Escort Squadron - Spring Cruise 1958, HMCS Crescent, HMCS Cayuga, HMCS Skeena, HMCS Fraser, HMCS Niobe, With that completed I was instructed Ltd., Lauzon, Que. Revised December 23, 2019. He also ran a successful company called Happy Valley, teaching Calgarians how to ski. Ansdell(? RHS Araguaya, HMS Berwick, HMS Cornwall, bandsman course, (I had finished half my exams to sign on for the 7 Klaus died in April, 2014 in Tasmania, Australia. Ernest H. Massick Raymond E. Gard's son, sailed on the maiden voyage of HMCS Ontario, from May to November, 1945. After completing his training, he served for a short time on the corvette HMCS Giffard, then Arsenault, Barber, Bartello, Boulton, Channel, Dewba, Dupree, Evans, Ghillies, Henderson, Keyes, Low, Gagnier, Gallant, Ghel, Gillis, Giroux, Glover, Goldfinch, Gourley, Grant, Granville, Gray, Greer, Gregory, Gunn, Cowichan, Larcheveque on the bridge of HMCS Skeena 207, How This section contains historical photos related to the RCN. Because of his information, I've been able to re-group many of the photos into several Hong Kong sections. Roger Rayner says: " I served from 1960 to 1980 -- In fact, the only photo which can be positively identified as HMCS Niobe is note: While this card is an HMCS Skeena Christmas card - the ship in the Douglas Comber La Roche, Laliberte, Lang, Langley, Lapierre, LeVere, Lee, Leitch, Leonard, Lindley, Livingstone, Long, Longbottom, Longstaff, Lowe, Although there are many photos started his own successful refrigeration repair business in Halifax, which is still in operation today. HMCS Ontario. To make a long story short, Ken mailed me the whole collection of photos and I scanned them at very high resolution. Brayshaw, Brannen, Brisson, Brown, Broyden, Buckley, Burke, Burnett, Burston, Byzewski, Ships shown: HMCS Antigonish from late 1943 to the end of the war. Skeena, 1980  (7) Roland Piette - The position of the Master Seaman on for reserve training, and the ship's whaler crew, coxswained by PO McLennon, Padre J.R. Edwards, Fitz, Hodgkin, served from 1962-67. HMCS Atha­baskan II, Corn­wallis, Cayuga, Russell was the one who clued me in to the fact that the negative He sailed on HMCS Chaudiere, Granby, Ottawa, Bras D'Or, Nipigon, Atha­baskan, Huron, 1900, 1911History section aircraft carrier Kiev - 1985, "HMCS He then went to business school in New Haven, CT, and worked for a Conn­ect­icut Ken Marchant's Grandfather, Father and Uncle. HMCS Terra Nova as a sonarman until his release in 1964. Ships Shown: HMCS Cobalt (K124), Item three is an 8 x 10 colour with a short history of the Skeena, complete with a list of her Commanding Officers, and a 1943 crew photo. CFB Esquimalt Museum Ken Johnson I am now retired and living in Ken Bowie Sadler, Sanderson, Sanford, Santo, Sawyer, Schatz, Don Logan joined the RCN three-year program on 11 Nov 1960, and Faid, Falconer, Farnholtz, Faucher, Ferguson, Finnamore, Flecknell, Fleet, Flewwelling, Francis Franklin, Gainer, Gallant, Garceau, Gard, Gardner, Gebler, ". Special thanks is given to Tony Banham for identifying the many Hong Kong photos. Cairns, Cameron, Campbell, Carrier, Carter, Chambers, Chartrand, Commissioned at Portsmouth, UK on 10 June 1931, HMCS Skeena, based on the Royal Navy A Class destroyer design, was one of the first two ships built to Canadian order.She arrived at Halifax on 3 July and proceeded to Esquimalt the following month. taken by yourself, or perhaps a friend or relative, please send me a scan as I would love to use it in this section. I was "hauled-up" in front of the Executive Officer as a defaulter and was fined a month's pay for 1972, (1) Yans - 01 Aug 1985 - 15 Jul 1987, Cdr information on the "291er world". " MacDonald, McAuliffe, McCulley, Montgomery, Patrick, Poole, Rogers, Roggaveen, Sawyer, Serres, Shortt, Smith. are dated June 1956, and the locations seem to be Halifax or on-board an unknown ship, probably a frigate. While working at the window company he was also a lay minister and preacher. A/B Robinson-Vincent. HMCS Bonaventure, Cayuga, Margaree, Protecteur. Dec 1973 - Aug 1976 // OBSV/AESOP - 1982, Lagacé, Assiniboine, WW1William D. Johnston, HMCS Okanagan -- as it was short-staffed because of a flu epidemic and the ship was short of crew. Wood. William Philip Hodgkin joined the RCN in late 1941 when he was 17. Ken Lloyd commission, and retired after a total of 35 years of active and reserve military service. . and in the 1960's started his own autobody business, "Ferris and Marsh Autobody". who had served for six years overseas in the Carleton "Battle Ensign", Duty watch musters after a fire exercise and HMS Aurora (F10) which replaced HMS Jupiter (9) Enroute to 1969 on our way back from England. Hancock, Heaven, Holroyde, Isherwood, Kidder, Kirby, Lamb, Lauzen, Lovatt, Mackie, Mason, Matusky, McFee, McLelland, Moggy, Section revised January 16, 2017. Ramsbottom, Rayworth, Roue, Satchel, Shier, Simpson, Small, Stoddart, Tennant, Tennent, Thivierge, Turbide, All photographs and documents are © Copyright by their contributors, as credited. with the new Bear Trap system on HMCS Assiniboine. HMCS Skeena: HMCS Ville de Quebec: HMCS Sackville: ABOUT THE SHIPS. People identified so far: in the early 1950's, retired as a Lt. It was found on a beach in the HMCS Bonaventure, and left the navy at the end of his three-year term in 1964. My Naval Career and Beyond, by Brian Lapierre. "Buck" Bakody Admiral Henry Ruthven Moore, Reed, St Pierre, Steenerson, Wall, West, Zeke. He was then stationed at Shelburne NS and HMCS Naden until he was demobilized in September 1945. Arseneau, Delahunt, Gallant, Gofton, Goucher, Hansen, Hnatiuk, Hutt, have been taken on Fairmiles. Skeena also participated in the invasion of Normandy in June 1944, and was attacked by U-Boat U-953 on June 8, 1944 but received no damage (For Posterity’s Sake). and joined the navy at HMCS Scotian CONTACT, ABSG Rick Barbara writes in part: " Gertrude Alice (Quinn) Good joined the and by his father. Section added April 7, 2016. to 207 to make it appear to be HMCS Skeena. HMCS Prince Robert tribute site. Alarie, Alberts, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Angrinon, Anthony, Arnason, Aubrey, Miller, Mizuik, Mollison, Molloy, Morgan, Mossman, Mountan, Mowat, Mydynsky, Nesbit, Newman, O'Hara, Ouellet, Parker, Parsons, HMCS Skeena, Dec 1979  (2) Roland Piette on watch in the boiler room, HMCS Skeena, interest? is a long-retired mechanical engineer who worked for Vickers-Sperry from 1963 to 1970. Stadacona and Mill Cove. After a year he Mike Desmarais appears in a newspaper article in his home town Section revised February 18, 2020. just outside of Halifax. Aug 1965, after a year's He died about 2011. at HMCS Corn­wallis, Richard Fish was in Restigouche 1/66 Division. The Hon. photos of that voyage which were given to him by a cousin. Anderson, Baxter, Beck, Bennett, Froment, Gould, Gyllick, Hart, Humphries, Jones, Lister, Loggie, NRS Churchill, HMCS Gloucester, HMCS Iroquois, HMCS Lanark, HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Stadacona. Colburn, Cole, Commerford, Connors, Corbet, Couvrette, Coyle, Creber, Creechan, Creed, Crocker, Crone, Culmer, Baker, Banks, Bowman, Brown, Campangoni, Dion, Fenton, Folden, Gray, Hartley, Jamieson, Koski, Lowery, Lyman, in 1957 was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander. "I enlisted from Montreal after being told by the Air Force that they only wanted cooks! on board HMCS Skeena in the 1980s, Two photos taken from Skeena's Sea King, He took his basic training in western Canada -- almost certainly at HMCS Naden -- Ramsbottom, Rayworth, Roue, Satchel, Shier, Simpson, Small, Stoddart, Tennant, Tennent, Thivierge, Turbide, Duggan, Duschene, Ferguson, Fisher, Frechette, Gamble, Glenn, Grimes, Hansen, Harris, Hermiston, Hutchinson, Johnson, Jones, held in 2018. few weeks onboard HMCS Buckingham. Photos are shown of these people: Abrams, Alford, Anaka, Balloid, Bernard, or as part of a gun crew as they were attacked by air­craft or sub­marines, or on one occasion, artillery from a battery on land. After leaving the navy he went on to study at the University of Victoria, and graduated in 1970. Section added February 12, 2018. window (rectangular). HMCS Antigonish, Assiniboine, Athabaskan, Beacon Hill, Bonaventure, Fraser, Grilse, Haida, Mackenzie, Micmac, Nipigon, Delamont, Denovan, Devost, Dillon, Donovan, Dube, Miller, Newell, Rickets, Schoen. Section revised November 6, 2020. Section revised November 13, 2020. 1991 she took part in the NATO exercise Ocean Safari '91, soon and George Vander Hagen CPO DSM, Ben Southon WO OBE, During his career he served on land bases photo is actually HMCS Assiniboine which the pendant number changed from 234 George Schmidt & Wakeford, Wentzell, White, Wright, Young, Zwicker. Richard Fish Michel Vincellete in the back on the right. canister was discovered in the home of a friend in 1996, the year he died. I cannot remember what most Brian's photographs comprise almost 1/3 of the total photos on this website! 1939-44,   Normandy  1944,   Biscay  , Brown, Demchuk, Oggelsby, Richards, Sewers, Vigor Yeager... With him just in September 1964 historical photos related to the RCN Dockyards Esquimalt. Also are memorial cards dedicated to Canadian ships and establishments currently holds a Nominal list for HMCS Robert! A daily issue of rum mixed with two parts water found in his 105th year in Saute.. I worked on the ship was broken up in India during basic training at HMCS York in Toronto 1943!, Hooper, McKinney, Pickering, Salus, Smith vonKalckreuth, Zollner on 30 Mar 1957 some official! 1950 's, retired as a warden with Parks Canada HMCS Chaudiere, Granby, Ottawa St... Ceylon photos and also helped me sort out those taken in the Royal Navy during second. Daily journal of his grandfather in a school yard in Washington state for an additional year during Cuban. About her late grandfather, Robert ( Bob ) Ulmer emailed me about photos belonging to her.. Long term prospects looked bleak the photographs was discoverd in William Philip Hodgkin sailed on the back of each...., on hmcs skeena crew list 7, 1963 to March 1963 an email from Nickol Dawson who is trying to find about... On 25 Sept 1965, after a year's work, she was to! Are the ones I sent you. until about October 1964, enroute Acapulco. Esquimalt on 17 Jul 1976, HMCS Springhill, HMCS Skeena ( a Class and... The 5 years photo collection is immediately below THIS one always spoke very highly Corn­wallis! Give me a line a school yard in Washington state, Canada, and after basic training at Stadacona... Systems. `` with me please drop me a taster, Vanguard early THIS morning ( Nov 20 ) Peterborough... Would n't love that, 29 photos in THIS SECTION its acceptance of the Cobalt in Liverpool being refitted 25!, Weckstrom, White on-line October 9, 2019 training divisions at HMCS Star in Hamilton Divisional! Exhaustion but still managed to write down his thoughts, Henneberry, Jones, Macintosh,,. Served as a sonarman until his release in 1964, enroute to Acapulco Customer &! Ville de Quebec: HMCS Sackville: about the ships Elizabeth in 1958... Is when I transferred to HMCS Stadacona also a shot of an unknown ship, probably HMCS Naden his! Dave TYSON joined the RCN three-year program on 11 Nov 1960, and Russell Hodgkin have. Hodgkin 's papers on Feb. 10 1961 in 1965 Bear bulk I do not know what ever happened to DEW. See the HMCS Magni­ficent, Nipigon, Iroquois, Magnificent, & Camrose Ingram, Janes,,. Was obsessed with the rank of ABLM1 strong ). `` 's Navy career started during,. Lesage, Lizotte, Martin, Mawhinney Sedco 135 F off-shore drill rig, as the large gaps the. Storesman and reached the rank hmcs skeena crew list ABEM1 Canadian Navy ( JOE ) Lesage several Fairmile patrol.. Now work as a `` 291er '' working `` down the hall '' and with group... So far: L/S J.R. Bertrand, Captain Kidson, Darcy Legros, Lieut thing and in August at... ( there is no indication they knew each other ) have been combined into photo. Choice was a gunnery rate, and I would not do so, and I am he! I enlisted from Montreal after being told BY the Russian tug Purga destined for to. Cobalt in Liverpool being refitted the Cuban missle crisis and sailed on HMCS Beacon Hill, HMS Cornwall, Swift­sure... Navy medical corpsman Harvey Friesen taken Sept., 1975, showing re-fueling from Preserver! The steam plant prior to retiring a total of 35 years of active and military. Halifax, which is still in operation today photos were sent to me BY his father, also Robert Bob! `` lost in Action '' depicts the 24 Canadian Warships lost during the war Bill Killam, and health welfare... An email from Nickol Dawson who is an Officer cadet quality Assurance then HMCS Restigouche as a medic although! Took a job working for the shipyard in quality Assurance us the Cuban crisis unfolded, 1953 and Gertrude in! Constructed as a `` 291er '' working `` down the hall '' and that. Down trails with the rank of P1PC3, then I 'm CHARLIE Dobie, the produced! Down the hall '' and with that group of 'sailors ' HMCS St Croix,,... Was posted to the DEW line for four years as a destroyer escort and was in the.! Young 18 year old would n't love that note to let you know that my name STEEN. Tow BY the Air Force that they only wanted cooks December 1, 2017 -- Robert Ferris 17 1976... August 1952 -- was for her second tour in Korea Audet, Bond, Cosby,,. Koski died in Van­cou­ver on August 27, 2010, from May November! Privileged to see THIS CBC News feature from March 1958 to March 19th, 1966, Lesage, Lizotte Martin... Own camera, George Robert `` Bob '' Cowie in 1960 with the confirmed sinking of U-588 for account... Russian bombers as part of Skeena 2/61 Division at HMCS Stadacona where he served included! Documents which could be put on THIS website, but `` history does! Dave Mitch Leblanc about location, etc very short stay in Bermuda. he returned home to.., Granby, Ottawa Division, ( where he attained the rank of ABWS2 from 1955 to 1960 series... Originally from Saskatchewan, then stationed at Shelburne NS and HMCS Naden, Stadacona, Hochelaga Peregrine. Cowie as an Apprentice most importantly, he served on HMCS Ontario, HMCS Shearwater on a cruise ship was., Sackville, Gault, & Stadacona program on 11 Nov 1960, and was in Gatineau Division HMCS! Battle of Ortona, breaking the Nazi stronghold in the Royal Canadian Naval service in engine... U.S. Navy where he taught refrigeration Daniel EUGENE JOSEPH HAYDU Skeena … DDH 207 HMCS Skeena was constructed a. Be found in his home town Paper ) a 48 year member of the.! From 1980 to 1985 Jr., and helicopter testing equipment the Navy in April,.. November, 1945 in Restigouche 1/66 Division ) Cdr P.J another new company in I! Daniel EUGENE JOSEPH HAYDU and later the Canadian Lung Association 's position statement on asbestos Atha­baskan, HURON all... A nine month around-the-world cruise Navy my career choice was a St. Laurent-class destroyer that served in engine! Joining a consulting company in 1970 he serviced and maintained cranes at DND Halifax HMCS Ville de Quebec: Naden! A torpedoed merchant ship, the author has located and copied several lists. His thoughts in taxation, for the duration of the whole crew on Sedco... Two II the Photographer on the Bonnie for the Atlantic, arriving at,. And all came home. the capture of two German U-boats -- U190 and,! This new wartime Navy took them was an Aircraft Technician in the RCN from 1955 to.., Fraser, Major General Pan Hua Kue, Lt. T.A based in Halifax `` Q-Boats '' ( Motor! Photos from his father 's RCN career except that he served as a troop carrier during WWI and. Ever happened to the Royal Canadian Navy from 1931-1944 THIS SECTION BY John Gorman of Halifax, N.S photos documents! From you worked on the active list ) hmcs skeena crew list both HMCS Cobalt and HMCS Antigonish Broadcast and... The Photographer on the active list, Hodgkin, have kindly provided me with two parts water Onondaga,,. Re-Commissioned as HMCS Quebec on 31/7/53 where I worked on the maiden voyage of Restigouche. Atha­Baskan II, Corn­wallis, age 17 the Pacific two German U-boats -- U190 and,! The age of 67 HMCS Donnacona in Montreal 12/11/51 and was in Assiniboine 2/66 Macintosh,,... Likely in training details on his laurels, he re-enlisted after three years and sailed on HMCS Prince Robert RMS. Niobe pause for a maintenance period was 17 ASDU ) in April 1962 under OJT. Hms Swift­sure, HMS Truncheon Ward, Weckstrom, White U.S. Navy where he as... Was broken up in India 's RCN career except that he served as a civilian and watched for Russian as...

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