best walk the dog lure

Buy from Amazon. We’ll cover this technique below. background-color: #FFF; … Making your topwater lure move side to side or give it the “walk the dog” action can be hard to master. After more than 80 years it has undergone quite a few changes but it is still the most prevalent walking bait on the market. width: 35px; body { - The #1 source in all of muskie fishing. They now come in a bunch of different versions of itself, with a variety of features, colors, and sizes. The DOC and Giant Jackpot are good lightweight/fast ones while Weagles and One-Eyed Willies are good heavy/slow ones. background-color: #95C54B; Mike Iaconelli talks about "walking the dog" with your topwater lures. $17.99 8 Colors. Wait for ripples and any disturbance to subside before you start applying the action. Comments: Great walk-the-dog lure.

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