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11. You may unsubscribe at any time. 1. Once years ago while attending a conference in Las Vegas put on by a startup I was working with at the time, I ran into one of the speakers for the day, long-time Vegas resident and Zappos founder Tony Hsieh. Are there any circles or individual people with whom you don’t feel awkward … Practice Relaxation 1. Why should one act be defined as awkward. As a result, our generation has spawned a massive amount of awkwardness. […] Thought Catalog » Life Add a comment […], this may well be the most useful article on TC. You might have been directly taught some of these norms. An amazing philosophy podcast that WILL be your next favorite. As an occasionally anxious person, I assure you that this can be done if you have confidence… or shots of tequila. If you already feel too awkward to even know how to properly greet your next-door neighbor, then the last thing you probably want to do is to put yourself out there and spend more time interacting with people. My case is of awkwardness is an oddity in my mind. That way I’m not late, nothing’s started and there’s a crowd in which I can disappear into should the need arise. The moment passes by and is forgotten. Be progressive. I am using every one of these tips this fall.. Finally, to beat social awkwardness, you must build your tribe. If you want to be awkward, then don't pay too much attention to anything going on around you. I suppose erring on the side of caution could be handy in some situations. 8. Have you ever heard someone play a guitar that was out of tune? In today's video, Kevin gives you some tips on how to be less awkward... in the most awkward way possible. Yes it will make me more nervous and […]. How to be less awkward during client phone calls? Strategies to reduce awkwardness from the author of a new book about cringeworthy moments. Now that you understand the truth about awkwardness and introversion, it’s time to shift gears and discuss the actionable steps to unlock the social genius that’s been stifled for so long. Break out the Angry Birds. In addition, I’m often tentative, unsure of myself, indecisive and sporadically shy. Eventually you’ll grow more comfortable and feel compelled to discuss yourself as well. 3. Awkward silence? Sell things face to face in your free time. Remember no one cares as much as you. Keep it natural and authentic. If you’ve ever shown up to an event late, you’re aware of how difficult it can be to ingratiate yourself into the festivities. It’ll be straining and that rarely ever works out well. Seriously, people thoroughly enjoy being around a flat out nice, happy person. If you feel awkward in new situations to the point where it’s hard for you to connect with other people, this guide is for you. They will help you see yourself, and you’ll learn that when you thought you were making a relaxed face, you look mad/sad/angry/happy/etc. If you're waffling on having a necessary-but-awkward conversation, imagine how you would defend your decision to open the discussion before approaching the person for that uncomfortable chat. People can become less awkward by breaking down social interactions and watching their manners Like it said in the article you don’t have to fill akward silences. 7. I’ve become notorious for being late to everything, which is partly accidental and partly purposeful. Worry less about others’ opinions. Updated: June 1, 2020. It's even more awkward if you face the person and have some trouble moving to the right or left of the person's face. Here are a few tips to get you started: Identify that “awkward” is not static. Who really cares if someone doesn’t get your witty jokes. #4. Some aren’t great at conversing; others become particularly nervous speaking to certain individuals. Somehow it combines with his slight helping of natural charm and becomes endearing to those who know him. Don’t try to ease the awkward silences. The fact that you think you're awkward, is awkward. Like a stupid deer in the headlights. When nobody is laughing at a punch line, or has no response to a slightly offensive comment, don’t even attempt to fill that void. "Give yourself a break. Make the conversations about the other person, not yourself 2. Listen to How To Be Less Awkward episodes free, on demand. The fact that you think you're awkward, is awkward. 02:47. 1. All this being said, there is still obviously such a thing as too much awkwardness, and most of us will continue, despite Dahl's pep talks for the self-conscious, to strive to behave stupidly in public as little as possible She very much understands that impulse and offers many tips she dug up speaking to researchers for the book, including: Acknowledge the weird. You can use online resources such as this one to learn more about facial expressions and how to read them. Conversation Tips to Talk Better and Be Less Awkward Go First. And also do read sales books, they are all about being less awkward. Everyone has a socially awkward encounter once in a while, but some people have consistent trouble relaxing around others. HOW TO BE LESS AWKWARD! Learn to move on. It’s easy to take some shots and be the life of the party, but that can definitely also backfire and make you look like an asshat… AND potentially become an addiction. We are more afraid of you than you are of us!! And most of us would like to never be in such situations again. — don’t bother! You can always bounce back by pausing. Extending a hand and having it return to yourself untouched is easily in life’s ten most embarrassing moments. When something uncomfortable or rude is said — whether it’s by yourself or another person — silence may occur. Either don’t initiate any hugs or handshakes, or initiate all of them. Smartphones are a blessed gift to awkward situations. Sure, it gives you more opportunity to bond with people before everyone else shows up, but it puts a lot more pressure on you to be interesting. I feel like 5 and 7 somewhat contradict each other. Actually, they’re not. How to be Less Awkward takes these very personal stories and harnesses them into a podcast form to serve to the masses. I am a 61 year old psych nurse. Build YOUR Tribe to Purge Social Awkwardness and Anxiety. It’s better to give before you take. If you arrive early, there’s nobody there who you haven’t met — thus, you’re in a position to be the most popular person in the joint. I can be incredibly awkward, especially in the office. 6. Emphasize your attention on the positive aspects of your experience. It’s true… but we awkward introverts have to be careful not to start to use alcohol as a crutch. Questions can be a burden to answer and it can feel uncomfortable to start telling your life to a stranger. First, because -- sorry! July 26, 2017. Learn about us. The only way to get used to social environments is repetition. Nobody is paying as much attention as you think," insists Dahl. Repeat. However, the more time you spend with people, the more comfortable you'll be socially, and the less afraid you'll be of saying or doing the wrong thing. It allows us the ability to occupy ourselves using various apps and games or pretending to be texting. I would say find what you like and do it, not the other way around. Give an awkward hug. Today, you are going to learn how to stop being socially awkward if you're normally a shy and quiet person. Awkwardness is temporary. 3. Just telling yourself, 'I'm excited, not nervous. I've found that naming the awkwardness can be helpful. Hsieh looked at me like I had two heads. July 25, 2017. Eva and Olga teach you to dream big and pursue your dreams! If we’re worried in advance about what he or she will think of us, we’ll try to live up to their expectations (which are probably incredibly high, if they were created by our self-conscious minds). How to Avoid Being Socially Awkward (with Pictures) - wikiHow Similarly, science shows athletes are more likely to choke if they're focused on the minutiae of their performance. Speaking in public can be awkward. One of the first things I noticed was that I often waited for the other person to make the first conversational move. Over my years of experience, I’ve developed a few techniques that can reduce the uneasy vibes radiating from an awkward body. But the people who were good at talking didn’t wait for an awkward silence to settle in — they jumped right in and asked the other person a question. It’s that “We’re more afraid of you than you are of us” It’s a lot of pressure sensing that you are going to have to keep things going. Lastly, and perhaps most profoundly, Dahl also discovered in writing her book that accepting your own awkwardness can help you be more attuned to and accepting of other people's foibles and anxieties. Pre-defend your decision. The most awkward hug of all is when you stick your butt out like a grandmother and lean toward a person, giving him or her an awkward pat on the back. Now it just cracks me up, like, 'awww, there's another idiot trying to make their way in the world,'" Dahl explains with a laugh. I made it a point to shake everyone’s hand i met, later I made it a point to hug people till I felt comfortable doing it. That’s why Will Smith and Ellen DeGeneres are so appealing. It ain’t fun to listen to. We've all been there, paralyzed by anxiety and unable to say something intelligent (or even just polite) to the CEO in the elevator with us, or instantly regretting that joke no one laughed at in a meeting. Our friends love our awkwardness. Self consciousness can cause us to do dumb things, making us more self conscious, and kicking off a death spiral of awkwardness. Don’t be afraid to say the wrong thing, just remember to learn from it afterwards. An awkward person with a cell phone in a social environment is the equivalent of MacGyver having a Swiss Army knife in a bind. That’s just what I was going to say. Be extraordinarily […], […] Oh boy. Either you’ll find others who click with you or you’ll learn how to naturally do those things if you keep at it. Do not ask a second time. Even if you start out imitating happiness, eventually it can turn into the real thing. Smile. A podcast about cringeworthy moments and awkward life events. Whipping your cellphone out in public, or in other situations makes you unapproachable. It’s that awkward part where you have to think of something to say to someone you don’t know and they’ve the expectation of learning something about you. Doing so can, and probably will result in some excruciating discomfort. The more of these traits you have and the larger their degree, the higher on the social awkwardness scale you’re likely to be. Speaking in public can be awkward. This will help you be better at reading social cues, which in turn will make you less awkward. I get that you were kind of joking, but a lot of budding alcoholics rely on a few drinks to become sociable. WHICH MEANS: Be wary of the vibe you’re putting out there. I was expecting this to be silly, but it was actually incredibly helpful. Improve. Okay, so now let’s get to the tips that can actually help you become less socially awkward. 1. Depends. 5 Definitive Reasons Why Awkward Is The New Sexy, This Is For The Girls Who Are Carrying The World On Their Shoulders, 5 Awkward Situations Only People In Wheelchairs Experience, 44 Tips That Socially Awkward 20-Somethings Should Use To Make More Friends, That Awkward Moment When You Realize You’re Not All That Awkward, Friday Favorites » Life As It Is | The Life and Times of a Louisiana Photojournalist, If You Want Me To Have A Crush On You | Thought Catalog, Unique Holiday Gifts from Thought Catalog . It’s a lot easier to say something bold over Facebook chat than it is in person. The answer to all your problems is this old cliche right here: "Be yourself." A simple phrase like, "this is kind of an awkward question" or "this is a bit uncomfortable to say" can sometimes help put both parties a bit more at ease and help you really listen to one another, suggests Dahl. 12. Others, you might’ve picked up on by watching others. Dear Dr. Nerdlove How can I be less awkward with friends and acquaintances? If you can’t recognize the temperature, avoid playing the role of weatherman. You can always bounce back by pausing. Many don’t feel comfortable functioning in public, or holding a conversation that’s not behind a keyboard. This results in the occasional awkward moment when I’m in a social environment. Sometimes pretending like you know what you’re doing leads to somehow, actually knowing what you’re doing. How to Make Your Zoom Meetings Less Awkward. This serves as a brilliant coping mechanism to deal with being in an uncomfortable setting. focusing as much as possible on the needs and perspective of the other party. Over my years of experience, I’ve developed a few techniques that can reduce the uneasy vibes radiating from an awkward body. You don’t have to keep anything going, I promise, just let the conversation happen. If you know a conversation is going to be weird, consider simply acknowledging that up front. Hi-Phi Nation. "Initially when I started to write this book it was going to be about how to avoid awkwardness, but the book became about something totally different. All you do is listen, and generate a response — in the form of a question. You might not believe it, but you really can be less awkward- you’re not doomed to a life of social anxiety. But Melissa Dahl, a self-confessed lifelong champion of awkward moments and author of a new book on the topic titled Cringeworthy, would like you to suggest you reconsider your quest to eliminate awkwardness from your life. 10. Do not make a show of disappointment. Break out of this cycle by focusing as much as possible on the needs and perspective of the other party in an exchange rather than yourself. I know out sounds dumb at first, but it really does work wonders. Something to keep in mind and I don’t know if this is common or not but I am an extreme extrovert and nothing can shut me up and make me feel more self-conscious than an introvert. Record yourself. How to Be Less Awkward: 10 Proven Steps for Overcoming Your Socially Awkward Tendencies. NEW YORK, NY - Comedian Laura Merli (a writer for satirical websites Reductress, The Hard Times and McSweeney’s) has announced new episodes of her podcast, How to Be Less Awkward, an independently-produced show that features comedians discussing horribly …

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