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Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue is uniquely qualified to improve the lives of misplaced border collies due to more than 20 years of being a haven for border collies that have been abandoned, discarded, or neglected. Adopted! Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. Female, 2 years old. All rights reserved. Adopted! Adopt a rescue dog through PetCurious. I adopted a black lab/wolf/border collie mix on college. They are ready for adoption by their forever families. Due to medical reasons I can no longer keep him, Captain Woodrow is a male, Collie/Lab mix, and about 4 years old. He was rescued from the oil field about three. All Border Collie Rescue is posting them on our website to help them find their forever homes. Get one! Connecticut Border Collie Rescue. Welcome to Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue . CO ID: 20-12-21-00075. He would stand between myself and a stranger if he didn’t trust the stranger. These dogs are currently being fostered by independent rescuers who are friends of ABCR. Most breeders who work with purebred dogs are the ones … "Click here to view Lab Dogs in Texas for adoption. PACC911 Anthem Animal Extravaganza. This sweet boy came up from Louisiana a few months ago. Scroll down to where they ask for the charity you want to support and type in Border Collie Rescue of Northern California or bypass all of that and click on the Amazon image above. Border Collie Friends Rescue c/o Box 1841 Prince Albert, SK S6V 6J9 T) 306-922-3028 F) 306-922-8435 This email … Sweet dog. He is 2 yrs old and 60 lbs. - ♥ RESCUE ME! Walt is a sweet boy that can be a little on the shy side when your first meet him. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. Just take a look at that face. Adopt a rescue dog through PetCurious. I found myself in rescue because my humans couldn't care for me. Rochdale Dog Rescue Lancashire DOGS ON THE NOTICE BOARD. ♥ ۬ My dad passed away recently, and we need a home for his two female border collie mixes. PLEASE take the time to read the biographies fully as we put alot of effort into evaluating and working with the dogs in foster care. Woof! Appears to be mostly Border Collie with some Lab in her, Recommending Baby to be an only pet. You see my Mom was just minding, My name is Daisy. "Border Collie for adoption in Dayton, Ohio." Knowing and loving this breed allows MABCR to rescue dogs from uncertain futures, and place them into … Our coverage area includes the New England states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, as well as Eastern New York State and … Welcome to Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue (BRBCR) Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue is dedicated to finding good homes for deserving Border Collies giving them another chance. He knew the difference between his plush toys. Lancaster Puppies has your Border Collie for sale. Border Collie & Labrador Retriever mix (AKA Borador) Mixing the smartest breed with the most popular one, and you’ll get the Labrador and Border Collie cross. She appears to be a Border Collie Siberian Husky (mother) mix. He could use a little leash, Looking for a medium-small dog? She will come with a full physical exam from the vet as well as all up to date vaccinations, a deworming, and a complimentary dose of revolution which protects them from all … Why buy a Border Collie puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Heart of a Border Collie Rescue, Inc is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit with foster homes throughout the Twin Cities and outstate Minnesota, and is dedicated to the rehoming of border collies and border collie crosses in need in Minnesota, the Dakotas and neighboring states, providing temporary housing in approved foster homes, … Marty loves to run and play and is good with other dogs, Meet Matthew! Adopt a rescue dog through PetCurious. He has since passed away after 16 amazing years. Border Collie (mixes included) Rescuers and Adopters in the Pacific Northwest. This is Harley. Search for border collie rescue dogs for adoption near Seattle, Washington. I found myself in rescue because my humans couldn't care for me. You’ve described my dear Nikki (Nikita) to a T. Thank u for the work that you’ve done/are doing.We have a borador, she is thhe sweetest girl. You see my Mom was just minding. Rescue Me, RescueMe.Org, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of WO. Is is sweet and well mannered. Female, 2 years old. ... Jolly Bruce is a fun-loving 50 lb. He is a great dog. Our in-house trainer reports Delilah, Bella: 2 yrs old; Weight: 55 lbs; Activity Level: Active Companion; Breed: Border Collie/Lab; Coat: Short w Fur in, Drew: 5 yr Male BC/Aussie Activity Level: Active Companion/Sports Diet: Raw Balanced Diet Special Talent: Fantastic, Tip: 5 yr Male BC/Aussie Activity Level: Sports Companion/Active Companion Diet: Instinct Duck & Pea/Red Meat Raw, Extremely high energy, needs a job on a farm and some training , was never taught any manners by previous family. 10/17/2020 @ 12:01 – 16:01 – Border Collie Save & Rescue (BCSAVE) will be having a regular meet and greet at Hollywood Feed at 4817 W. Park, Suite 815 in Plano. Idaho Border Collie Rescue. ( 8 weeks old) Mom is pure German shepherd Dad is border collie x lab Both parents are very sharp. Of course it only took me about 2 months to rescue a new lab border collie mix because even though I have two other adult dogs (cocker spaniels) who I love dearly I missed the energy … ... Puppy Motley is a gorgeous 4 1/2-month-old lab/border collie mix pup looking for a loving home. All rights reserved. Come Bye Border Collie Rescue rescues BC's and BC mixes from the Midwest, including the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee. This doggy needs a home. I found him in late October. While not everyone is suited for a purebred Border Collie, BCIN feels that many of the lovely positive traits that BCs exhibit should be enjoyed and experienced by all. Texas Border Collie Rescue. This dog was by far the most intelligent dog I have ever known. These are the dogs currently available for adoption. ♥ ۬. فظذ%A4 Minnie is a very loyal 1 year old border collie/lab mix. Please note: we have reactivated the application link, and new dogs will be added to the website in the next few days. Instead of logging into, log into each time you want to shop. They’re not that rare, and a litter consists of 6 to 9 puppies, so they’re not that expensive like other designer dogs. Mother is husky/border collie mix ,father is a white Siberian husky. We promote public awareness of the working breed, encourage owner involvement in dog sports through public demonstrations and events, … Search for border collie rescue dogs for adoption near Reno, Nevada. ... Maya is a 2 1/2 yr old Lab/Border Collie mix. Alert, smiling, ready to hear a command. ... Hi, I'm Gabby! He is house trained, Hello! She is good with other dogs her size. Colorado Border Collie Rescue. Also called Labracollie, they’re highly intelligent, family-friendly, and eager to please – just like their parents. Border Collie & Golden Retriever mix …

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